Saturday, April 26, 2008

Not So Super Savings

I know that I will not get any blue ribbon for the most savings and/or least cash spent out of pocket(oop) for the week, however, I still saved $70 on groceries!!! (Sorry no pics this week, cause I put it all away before I realized that I didn’t take pics!) I needed to get meats for meals for the next couple of weeks and I need to do some restock of fresh fruits and veggies.

Instead of listing everything that I purchased this week I am just going to give some highlights of my deals.

I took advantage of Meijer 10 for $10 with 11th item free Mix and Match Sale and purchased some stock up items…
5 Gatorade $5.00
3 Ragu Pasta Sauce $3.00
6 Totino’s Pizzas $6.00 minus $1.00 for Free item

I also purchased 4 Pillsbury Crescent Rolls--$6.00 which yielded one Catalina coupon for a Free Pillsbury Ready to Bake cookies. Actually my Meijer trip yielded me lots of Catalina coupons that is about the only big highlight of my trip!! LOL!

I found that my Meijer had a trial size of Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Lotion so I got that for FREE after $1 coupon.

I restocked my yogurt supply with the Yoplait Yogurt that was on sale 10/$5 and used coupons to sweeten the deal even more. :)

I checked the discounted meats and purchased a couple of steaks for a dinner for hubby and me. I purchased 3 family packs of the boneless skinless chicken that was on sale for $1.99/lb. I also got 3lbs of the ground chuck that was on sale for $1.79/lb.

Savings Today at Meijer
Total Meijer Promotions: $11.78
Total Non-Coupon Savings: $31.73
Total Coupon Savings: $7.90
TOTAL Savings overall:$51.41
TOTAL spent oop $108.99
See not a very good savings this week!!

I also made a quick run into Family Fare again this week. I like their selection of fresh fruit and veggies better than Meijer.

They also had all Keebler Cookies 50% off plus I had 2 coupons(55 cents/2 and $1/1) so I got three packages for $3.38 or $1.13/pkg.

I also purchased 3 pkgs. of Spartan(store brand) bacon for $5. This will make some cheap 44 cents breakfast sandwiches or homemade bacon cheeseburgers or homemade chicken club sandwiches!!!

All total I spent oop $36.67 and saved $18.65(best I can figure because they don’t put the savings total on the receipt like Meijer).

To see other's savings this week head over to BeCentsAble's Centsable Shopper Show N Tell or MoneySavingMom's Super Savings Saturday!!!

**side note, just in case you are wondering after my questioning stockpiling post, I have decided for the health of my budget and my marriage that I am going to refrain from CVSing or Walgreens shopping til my pantry needs stocked again! Which best I can figure will be at least a couple of months! :)

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Happy Sunday. My little girl is teething and battling the after effects of her vaccinations... so, I'm home from church today. just wanted to stop by and say hello and catch up on everyone. I hope you are having a good day.