Friday, April 25, 2008

Finding Coupons

I have been asked by a reader...

Do u have any suggestions as to where to get coupons? Sunday paper dont put only about 5 of them out and usually it is all for cat/dog food...and none of the stores around here take printable ones! Its horrible! I've looked into all those great websites everyone talks about where I can look up sales ahead of time and save...but the problem is where I live there arent any stores that they list. We dont even have a CVS! :(

My answer:

Start by writing or calling companies asking for coupons. Look at the labels of things that you buy to find the addresses or phone numbers of the companies. To make things a little easier for you, Wendy-Its More Than Enough has posted many companies' 800 numbers along with updates as to what the companies have sent in the way of coupons. I also found Tom--$39 dollar experiment, who took a roll of stamps (back when stamps were 39 cents) and wrote to 100 different companies looking for samples or coupons. He posted his letters and his results. I found it very fascinating. I wonder though if he would have gotten better results from the companies that didn't send him anything if he had asked for just a certain product or had given feedback about their products.

I have also taken the time to write or call companies, however I haven't just asked for coupons but I gave them feedback on the quality of their product. Just to name a few.... I wrote the local Wendy's franchise telling them about the service and quality of food in one of their restaurauts. Their response was a letter along with coupons for free frostys and french fries. Another was Pillsbury that I wrote via letter using their online comment form/email telling them about the quality of a tube of cinnamon rolls. Their response was a snail mail letter filled with coupons for free tubes of cinnamon rolls. Another was Spartan Stores that I called their 800 number telling them that I purchased some milk with a sell by date 2 weeks away and it already tasted sour. The results they sent me coupons for free milk to use at the store that I purchased the milk.

I have found that companies are anxious to hear from the consumer about their products.

I find it very interesting that stores will not take the printable coupons. I would think as long as there is scanable upc codes on the coupons the stores should not have any problems accepting them. If your stores allows for internet printable coupons. Here is a list of websites to find coupons also head over to this SlickDeals forum thread for a listing of other websites for regional stores....

Betty Crocker free sign up required

boxtops4education free sign up required along with school choice. free sign up required

Coupon Bar


Eat Better America

Mambo Sprouts free sign up required using email address

Red Plum

Smart Source


Target/SuperTarget Coupons

Also a couple of favorite sites of mine....

Coupon Mom --free sign-up deals by state, printable coupons, free offers, free samples and more!

Freebies4Mom a "hot spot" to find all the current freebies/offers/coupons available! :)

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Jolene said...

Thanks for helping me out and ansering my questions. It is horrible that the stores around me wont take the printables. Makes me upset. Walmart is the only one but will only take one at a time..STUPID! Thanks for the great tips....I will get a start on that monday