Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Works for Me Wednesday

It is that time of year again!!! Time to do a season change on the clothes in the closet!! I find this task to be overwhelming especially with having to do it for seven people! For the house we live in the closets are not big enough to keep all the types of clothes in them. So my solution is Rubbermaids!!! I am sure that this isn't a new thing to most but I find them to be very helpful!
So as to not be overwhelmed, I pull out one bin at a time! Go thru and get the clothes that I need for the one child that they will fit. Then put in the clothes that are now out of season and put the bin back into my storage room. And just do this five times over for the kids and another two times for hubby and me!!

I have labeled my Rubbermaids by sizes rather than seasons. I do it this way so that I don't have TONS of Rubbermaids hence I am space saving! And I am even time saving because I can see what bins I need to get into and which bins I don't need to for a particular year.

Having the Rubbermaids helps me to know when I have too many clothes! If the out of season clothes do not all fit back into the correct size bin....I purge!! I have several friends that bless me with their hand-me-downs and so clothes can get out of hand at times! Also, with seven people in this house, clothes could overtake the house if one didn't take the time to purge!

With having the Rubbermaids, I am able to keep closets organized and I am able to get the season change done with the clothes in one afternoon!!

So Rubbermaids for storing out of season clothes works for me!!! For other's great tips and ideas head over to Shannon's--Rocks in My Dryer!


Jolene said...

Funny...because I just did this today and I think I put away 5 or 6 totes of my 2 boys winter clothes...LOL. I told my hubby that it is time to purge and I didnt realize they had so many clothes!

Crafty P said...

we could own rubbermaid. I'm surrounded by bins as we speak. I know there are clothes in there that fit the people in my house right now. I need to weed out what we DO NOT WEAR OR WANT and declutter my current bins before I go out and shop!

Glad I'm not alone in the Bin World!!!