Friday, March 19, 2010

Monthly Sam's Run--March

It was a bit different going to Sam's this month, because before I went shopping I really thought hard and analyzed everything that I was getting rather than just say "oh this is getting low, I better get some." I took to the thinking of "yes this item is getting low, but is it a must for this month or can I wait until next month." mindset. I did this kind of thinking to help keep my monthly bill under $250 and I was successful!

I also was totally out of several items that I normally get at Sam's so those were at the top of my list to purchase this month.

When looking at my list, please understand that several of the items will last my family more than a month so what you see below is not exactly the same as what it was last month or what it will be next month.

Here is the breakdown:

  • 25 lbs long grain white rice $8.64
  • 25 lbs bread flour $6.64
  • 4.72 lbs pork loin chops $12.65
  • 11.93 lbs boneless/skinless chicken breasts $23.50
  • 48 ct string cheese $7.79
  • 2 family size bags Doritos $5.98
  • 5 lbs frozen cut corn $4.48
  • 6 lbs Ore Ida shredded hash browns $5.38
  • 120 oz Country Crock margarine $6.44
  • 140 ct Totino's pizza rolls $8.98
  • 12 ct Red Baron mini pizzas $9.98
  • 12 cans Swanson's chicken broth $7.88
  • 60 ct. Eggo Waffles $8.88
  • 4 pk Ritz crackers $6.14
  • 36 ct Kelloggs Poptarts $6.28
  • 3-44 oz Heinz Ketchup $6.23
  • 2-64 oz Mrs. Butterworth's syrup $5.84
  • 20 oz Onion powder $3.88
  • 23 oz Taco Seasoning $3.88
  • 2 pks 6ct cinnamon raisin bagels $4.36
  • 5 lbs mild cheddar cheese $9.75
  • 4 lbs goldfish crackers $8.65
Total food costs: $172.23
  • 36 ct double roll Northern TP $17.98
  • 600 ct paper plates $15.62
  • 155 loads Downy fabric softener $9.77
  • 90 ct 30 gallon trash bags $11.62 (these will last us just about 3 months!)
  • 1375 ct QTips $6.69
Total non-food costs: $65.38

Grand Total for March: $237.61

Weekly Shopping Trip---Savings $143.97

This week was a "payday week" so Tuesday I headed out of the house at 8:15 in the morning with my game plan that included my shopping lists for 3 grocery stores, a bakery outlet, and Sam's Club.  My game plan on Tuesday looked like this:

  1. Drop ds#1 off at his biology lab class(8:30-11:30am) at the local home school building.
  2. While J is at his lab, stop at Meijer, and Aunt Millie's bread outlet.
  3. On the way home from Meijer and Aunt Millie's stop at the library and drop off a book and pick up 2 books off of hold. 
  4. Stop at Family Fare to pick up items on list.
  5. Stop at Save A Lot to pick up items on list.
  6. Go home with groceries, pick up other 4 kids to go shoe shopping.
  7. Stop at MC Sports to look at their shoe clearance racks. Results: Nothing!
  8. Go pick up ds#1 from his biology lab class.
  9. Go to Target to look for shoes. Results: found a pair for ds#3
  10. Go to Meijer(across the street from Target) to look for shoes. Results: found a pair for ds#1 & ds#2!!
  11. Go to Aunt Millie's cause in the rush of things earlier I forgot to make the stop!
  12. Go home and eat lunch, get dinner in the crockpot/roaster, get ds#4 down for a nap and leave ds#1 in charge! 
  13. Go to Sam's to pick up items on list.
  14. Come home with Sam's groceries
  15. Finish dinner, eat dinner and head to Woman's bible study at church!
Talk about a full day on Tuesday!!  I felt like I had accomplished tons on Tuesday! The shopping that I did on Tuesday stocked my freezer and pantry for at least a couple of weeks. I will need to get milk and eggs but I have plenty of fresh and canned fruits and veggies along with meat and snacks to make due until after spring break!  

One would think that after a full Tuesday that I would not have been glutton for punishment and headed out on Wednesday morning just as early as Tuesday to repeat the shopping portion for my parents, but I did!!  On Wednesday, I did a stop at Family Fare and Meijer for my parents.  While I was at Meijer for my parents, I remember one thing that I forgotten the day before so I picked that along with finding a couple of boxes of discounted donuts from the bakery for my kids and hubby to enjoy for breakfast with some scrambled eggs. 

So here is the results of my shopping this week: 


  • 2 boxes Pizza rolls $2.00
  • 3-2 liters Pepsi Products $3.30 (plus deposit)
  • 4 tubes Grands Biscuits $3.40
  • 5 boxes Brown & Serve Sausage links $4.00
  • 3 containers sour cream $3.00
  • 9 Totinos party pizzas $8.00
  • 6 Lunchables $5.00
  • 4 boxes Bagel Bites FREE
  • 20 lbs potatoes $4.00
  • 2 boxes General Mills cereal $2.98
  • 2 boxes Kellogg's Mini Wheats $2.48
  • 4 pkgs Smoky links $10.76
  • 2 boxes Fruit Stickers $2.83
  • 4 pks John Morrell lunchmeat $6.00
  • 12 containers yogurt $4.00
  • 2 bottles Old Orchard apple juice $2.34
  • 2 pks goldfish crackers $2.00
  • 4 bags Chex Mix $2.00
  • 1 can refried beans $1.00
  • 2 pkgs English muffins $1.00
  • 3-12pks Dr Pepper $10.83 (with bottle deposit)
I used a $3 off your next shopping order...

Total OOP: $77.92
Total Savings: $71.90
Total without sales and coupons: $149.82

Meijer(2nd trip):
  • 2 boxes 8ct bakery donuts $5.78
  • 2 pks Kotox pads $7.00
Total OOP(with sales tax): $13.32
Total Savings: $8.00
Total without sales & coupons: $21.32

Family Fare: 
  • 3 lbs stick margarine $1.77
  • 2 lbs bacon $5.00
  • 5 qt pail vanilla ice cream $4.99
  • 8 cans Freshlike veggies $5.52
  • 3 gallons milk FREE (used my $6 off milk catalina coupon from last week's cereal deal)
  • 2 bags potato chips $3.94
  • 4 boxes Capri Sun $7.52
  • 3-64 oz Tropicana Orange juice $5.97
  • 3 cans Campbell's chunky soup $1.47 (49¢ each!!)
Total OOP: $36.77
Total Savings: $29.23
Total without sales & coupons: $66.00

Save A Lot: 
  • 8 cans cream of chicken soup $3.72
  • 2.29 lbs bananas 76¢
  • 24 oz honey $4.49
Total OOP:  $8.97
Total Savings: $1.00 (I used a couple of coupons for the soup, however I know I saved more than that by shopping at SAL)
Total without coupons: $9.97

Aunt Millie's Bakery Outlet: 
  • 5 loaves Multi-Grain sandwich bread $4.00
  • 4 pkgs 8ct. Hamburger buns $2.76
  • 4 bags cookies $2.00 (these were individual bags and I splurged for the kids to share on the way home from shopping before lunch!)
Total OOP: $8.76
Total Savings: $18.35
Total without the outlet prices: $27.11

Butternut Bakery Outlet: (went on Monday night due to needing hamburger buns for dinner)
  • 2 pkgs 12 ct Honey Hamburger Buns $3.69
  • 2 pkgs 12 ct plain donuts $4.15
  • 3 boxes mini donuts $3.00
Total OOP: $12.84
Total Savings: $15.49
Total without the outlet prices: $28.33

Grand Total OOP: $158.58
Grand Total Savings: $143.97
Grand Total without sales, outlets, & coupons: $302.55

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Superwoman's Freedom Plea

I am going to a woman's bible study at my church and we are going through Beth Moore's study on the fruit of the spirit called "Living Beyond Yourself...Exploring the Fruits of the Spirit".  At the end of week two she wrote a poem that I can totally relate to and even laughed a few times while reading it.  

I hope that you get some encouragement from it as what I did!


Oh, Lord, who said there's just One Life to Live
I'm sure I'm livin' a thousand!
The few times I do awake to pray
All My Children start arousin'

Uh, oh! No time for quiet now
Think quick! The day's beginnin'!
I'll try to recall all Oprah's advice...
Then my head starts spinnin'

Make those younguns religious, cautious but not suspicious
And watch their self-esteem!
Yet you be professional, look sensational
And keep that house squeaky clean!

And perish the thought you'd forget the needs
Of that marvelous man you married
Why, throw yourself before him when he raises his eyebrows
And quit thinking "I'd rather be buried!"

Oops, now I'm late for work, the kids hate their clothes
And the baby's got a cough
As The World Turns so quickly, I'm severely tempted
To take the next jump off

Surely they're kiddin', Is there anyone left
Who's honestly Young and Restless
As for me, I feel centuries old, completely worn out
And cellulite infested!

It's gonna take more than Ryan's Hope for this woman to survive.
I cannot abide another deep breath of these Days of our Lives!
Superwoman? She's a curse. To fake her is impossible!
And if I try for one more day, I'll wind up in General Hospital!

I've gotta be here! I've gotta be there
I frankly cannot face it.
Rescue me from havoc, please, show me what is basic!
Slow me down, Lord, save this life and keep my eyes on You.
Satan can have this rat race world -

Thank God, I'm just passin' through.

- Beth Moore