Sunday, May 9, 2010

Motherhood Is Not For Wimps!

A few years ago as I was putting together a Mother's Day card for my Mom, I came across this website called Above Rubies.  I was just awestruck at the encouragement that they have for those of us who are called to be wives, homemakers, and mothers.  As I was reading through the articles, poems, and stories on the website I came across this poem that Nancy Campbell, the founder of Above Rubies wrote and shared on the website.  I am so glad that I took the time to copy and paste it into my documents because they have revamped the website and I can't find it on there any more.

We mothers are not alone in this journey of motherhood!  We have God on our side who is helping us in this journey of training the next generation for His kingdom.

By: Nancy Campbell

There are those who would spurn the vocation of mothers
And say it's inferior to the career of others,
I'll have to admit that it's not easy work,
It's relentless and from it you cannot shirk.

It takes all your energy to be a mother and wife,
It requires daily commitment and a disciplined life,
It demands all your resources of patience and love,
Long-suffering and wisdom from God above.

It takes self-control and continual endurance,
It needs constant and faithful perseverance,
It is total sacrifice and forgetting your self,
You may sometimes think you are left on the shelf!

And what about time?
It's no longer yours,
It belongs to everyone else who comes in your doors.

Can you claim your own rights?
No, they're gone too,
Like your right to sleep the whole night through!
It's not so easy to crawl into bed with a book
Or go off and dream in some quiet little nook.

It seems like you're totally losing your life
To be a good mother and a godly wife.

But oh, dear mother, please do not despair,
In God's great vision you have a share,
You are fulfilling your destiny planned before creation
Which is to nurture children and BUILD A NATION!

You are walking in the footsteps of Jesus your Lord
Who lived a life of sacrifice out-poured,
He didn't cling to His rights with selfish futility,
He didn't claim any privileges but walked in humility.

He gave up His own life to save millions of others,
This same principle is at work in the lives of mothers,
When you lose your own life you'll find it again,
Glorious life - His life - even in toil and pain.

So lift up your head, embrace your calling so high,
You're in God's perfect will so you don't have to sigh.
You may sometimes feel worthless - don't listen to this lie,
For your influence will go higher than the clouds in the sky!

As you nurture and train your God-given seed,
As you sharpen these 'arrows' by word and by deed,
You shape the nation, you determine its course,
Your mothering is not wasted, but is a mighty force!

As your children leave home and go into the world
The stamp of your training will be unfurled,
Your influence will reach countries you've never been
And down the generations its extent will be seen.
Your work is so powerful, no wonder it's tough,
But God is behind you, He's the GOD WHO IS ENOUGH,
His strength and wisdom are available to you,
He'll stand behind His promises which are totally true.

He'll always be with you right through to the end
As you follow His leading and deny the world's trend,
Each morning you wake, your strength He'll renew.
He'll fill your home with His presence and His blessed peace too.


**I originally posted  this in August, 2007