Saturday, August 16, 2008

Weekly Shopping Trip-- Saved $74.61

This week I was working towards just getting the basics and a few stockpile items. I managed to get all I needed for the week for less than a $100!!! I was pleased as the last few weeks it has been closer to $125 or more for the week.

My first stop was at Family Fare and for the first time grocery shopping I actually spent less out of pocket than what I saved!!!
  • 2 pks. Yoplait Kids Yogurt Drinks $4.67 minus minus $3.00 in coupons =$1.67 or 84 cents each
  • 2 pks. Danactive Yogurt Drinks $4.67 minus $2.00 in peelie coupons = $2.67 or $1.34 each
  • 2 Old El Paso Products(dinner kit & shell combo) $3.34 minus $1.00 coupon = $2.34 or $1.17 each
  • 1 tomato 64 cents
  • 2.55lbs grapes $2.52
  • 1 bag lettuce shreds $1.00
  • 1.5lbs mozzarella cheese $4.49
  • (not shown in pic above) 4 cases of wild cherry pepsi that I used a raincheck to purchase for $2.25 each plus $1.20 deposit each = $13.80

Total after $9.80 in bottle deposits $19.33
Savings Total $23.82

Next stop.....Meijers...(the pic above is just a sampling because some of it my kids had already put away)

  • 4 boxes spaghetti & pasta $3.08 or 77 cents each
  • 2 loaves bread $3.19 minus 35 cents coupon = $2.84 or $1.42 each
  • 4-8pks mini candy bars $3.96
  • 1 can of tomatoes with chilies 75 cents
  • 6 cans green beans $3.00 or 50 cents each
  • 4 pks smoky links $8.00 minus 75 cents coupon = $7.25 or $1.81 each
  • 2 pks Handi Snacks $3.34 minus $1.10 in coupons = $2.24 or $1.12 each
  • 4 pks Capri Sun $8.00 plus I got a $3 off next shopping order Catalina coupon!!
  • 2 boxes granola bars $4.00 minus $1.00 coupon = $3.00 or $1.50 each
  • 1 bag seasoned french fries $2.00 minus $1.00 coupon= $1.00
  • 1 bag tater tots $2.00 minus $1.00 coupon =$1.00
  • 2 bags(8lbs) boneless/skinnless chicken breasts $14.98 or $1.87/lb
  • 1-5lb bag cornmeal $2.11
  • 1 Cascade Rinse Aid $3.49 minus $3.49 coupon = FREE
  • 1 Cascade 32 ct. power paks $5.29 minus $1.00 coupon =$4.29
  • 1 box Cascade powder $2.29 minus 50 cents coupon =$1.79
  • 1 can Edge shave gel $1.84 minus 75 cents coupon =$1.09
  • 1 bottle Softsoap $2.19 minus 35 cents = $1.84 **This was my oooopss of the week because I thought all bottles of Softsoap were 99 cents this week!!**
  • 2 double and 1 single pk Kotex pads $11.74 minus $1.00 coupon =$10.74 or $3.58
  • 30 count pk plastic hangers $3.00

Total after tax $77.75
Savings Total $50.79 (Meijer promotions $6.48; Non Coupon Savings $32.02; Coupon Savings $12.29)


If I had not used coupons or sales or rainchecks everything would have cost $168.62!! I don't think I did too bad considering my ooops at Meijer!

Want to take some time and read about others' savings this week???!!! Head over to BeCentsAble's Centsable Shopper Show N Tell!!!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Meijer Super Saturday Sale(8/16)

Meijer is having a Super Saturday Sale(8/16)!!!
Here are some of the deals that I see....
  • Kraft Shredded Cheese(all varieties) 16oz. 1/2 price
  • Purell's Old Folk's Roll Sausage 3/$5
  • Coke 6 pk--24oz bottles B2G1FREE
  • Aunt Millie's Honey Hamburger and HotDog Buns B1G2FREE
  • Lays Potato Chips $1.79
  • Hershey Single Candy Bars B2G3FREE
  • Tyson Bacon 2/$4
  • Grapes(red or green) 87 cents/lb
  • Colgate Total, Total Advanced, Sensitive, or Simply White B1G1FREE $1.50/1 coupon Total Advanced
  • Maybelline Cosmetics B1G1FREE

There is several clothing items as well like Falls Creek Men's Jeans for $9.99

There is also Back to School Bucks ANY ONE General Merchandise or Apparel Item---$3 off $14.97 &up; $5 off $24.97 & up; $10 off $49.97 & up; $15 off $74.97 & up

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Frugal Friday--Freezing Foods

Two days ago around lunch time, I went out to my stand alone freezer to find that my #3 ds had not closed it completely after getting a couple of things for me during our breakfast hour(basically 5 hours went by!) I found alot of my things already thawing!! Ugh! So anyway, I am working at using up my FULL freezer(because of my way of once a month cooking(OMAC)) of partially thawed re-frozen items before adding more to the shelves.

With school time right around the corner and knowing that several are looking to get some things in their freezer to use during the busyness of the season and I have freezer on the brain from my little incident. I thought I would share a freezer food storage chart and some other useful links regarding freezing foods.
Here is what I found at the USDA's site:

Freezer Storage Chart (0 °F)
Note: Freezer storage is for quality only. Frozen foods remain safe indefinitely.

Bacon and Sausage 1 to 2 months
Casseroles 2 to 3 months
Egg whites or egg substitutes 12 months
Frozen Dinners and Entrees 3 to 4 months
Gravy, meat or poultry 2 to 3 months
Ham, Hotdogs and Lunchmeats 1 to 2 months
Meat, uncooked roasts 4 to 12 months
Meat, uncooked steaks or chops 4 to 12 months
Meat, uncooked ground 3 to 4 months
Meat, cooked 2 to 3 months
Poultry, uncooked whole 12 months
Poultry, uncooked parts 9 months
Poultry, uncooked giblets 3 to 4 months
Poultry, cooked 4 months
Soups and Stews 2 to 3 months
Wild game, uncooked 8 to 12 months

I also found Robbyn's Friendly Freezer, where she has a freezing & thawing guide that talks about how to freeze and thaw items appropriately. She gives a guide on what freezes well and what doesn't. You can go to her main site and find links to guides on Once A Month Cooking and some tasty looking recipes for the freezer!

For other frugal tips, resources and recipes; head over to Biblical Womanhood!

"I'm It"---Six Random Things about Me!

My friend, Kate, tagged me with this tag where I am to share six random things about myself and then tag 6 more people to share six things about them!

So here are my six things....

  1. Ten years ago, I taught/homeschooled my younger brother for two years for my Mom.

  2. I am an Extreme Home Makeover "junkie"!! I love watching that show!!

  3. I worked for General Motors during the 3 different summers to pay for my college tuition.

  4. I have been to Jamaica twice for 10 days each working on a mission team to build the deaf village on the island.

  5. My favorite subject to teach or learn about is History.

  6. I Peter 3:15 is one of my favorite Bible verses...."But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear:"

Now to tag others....

  1. Gretchen--Extraordinary Ordinary Life

  2. Donna--Mom's Frugal

  3. Minda--Minda Homemaker

  4. Jolene--Our Life Homeschooling

  5. Melinda--Our Nest Egg

  6. Carrie--Oikology 101

A Blog Award!!!

I seem to be on the collecting end of these blog awards lately!! Which I guess is a good thing! Right!?!? Anyway, my friend, Marcy--Stretching A Buck has nominated/given me this award!! I have seen this award on other blogs so I am a little confused on the rules. So I am going to post the rules that I have seen before...

1. Choose 5 blogs that you consider deserving of this award based on creativity, design, interesting material, and overall contribution to the blogger community, regardless of the language.
2. Post the name of the author and a link to his or her blog so everyone can view it.
3. Each award-winner has to show the award and put a name and link to the blog that has given her or him the award.
4. The award winner and presenter should post the link of the “Arte y pico” blog, so everyone will know the origin of this award.
5. Please post these rules.
Okay now for the hard part...I nominate for this award(in no particular order!)...
  1. Joann--Our Homeschooling Expedition--such a great wealth of homeschooling resources!!

  2. micie66--Mom in Mental Motion--I love going and seeing her brag about her grandkids!!

  3. Momto5's--Encouragement Along the Way--One of my IRL friends who I love to read her thoughts about Bible verses.

  4. Gill--That British Woman--Boy! Can she get the bargains!! I love to read about her monthly savings along with some yummy recipes!

  5. Jasmine--Dangerously Delicious --She has such an artistic flare with her baking and cooking!! I love to go read what she is cooking or baking up to sell to others!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Link Review--The Mint

In an effort to find "Real Life Math" activities online for my oldest son to do for part of Math class this year, I found this website called The Mint!!! My oh my!! There is alot of different financial resources and useful tools at this site geared to middle or high school students!!! The site is divide up into three "pages"---for kids, for parents, and for teachers. There is online activities to do such as building a budget, learning to write checks, tracking your checking account.

Here is what it says at the site regarding its purpose.....
"Launched in 1997, the site provides tools to help parents as well as educators teach children to manage money wisely and develop good financial habits: the building blocks for a secure future. Given the current rate of savings and debt in America, this is a lesson that desperately needs to be learned.

Sections on this site have been designed for families. Most pages are written in a kid-friendly style so families can work together – or older children can work independently in learning money lessons. However, some sections have been developed exclusively for teachers and parents.

Ideas for Teachers contains activities to illustrate sound money-management concepts.

The Parents section provides tips for mentoring and nurturing children, to help them grow in financial responsibility. Some of these tips lay very simple groundwork and can be used before children start grade school."

One needs to explore the site to get the depth of its resources!!!

The Mint

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Kitchen Tip Tuesday--Muffins Galore

The last couple of weeks, I have talked about packable lunches and packable snacks. I hope those lists have helped you get ideas for the upcoming school year!

I have been working lately at getting several different varieties of muffins in my freezer for quick breakfast or snack pulls. So this week I want to talk Muffins! No it is not a foreign language but several(okay many) recipes that I love to do. I have talked about about muffins before, however, I haven't taken the time to share all my recipes! None of them are family secrets and I love having the recipes someplace other than my hardcopy in the kitchen just in case friends want the recipe.

There is soooooo many different kinds of muffins! Muffins are quick and easy to do, especially if you are using a muffin mix!

Muffins that are favorites around here are:


Pumpkin Muffins

2 c sugar
2 c flour
1/2 tsp salt
2 tsp baking soda
2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp cinnamon
1 c. oil
4 eggs
1 (15-oz) can of pumpkin

Mix together all dry ingredients first, then add oil and eggs. Once this is mixed well (it will be thick), add pumpkin. Put in 2/3 cup batter into well greased muffin cups or or greased wrappers. Bake at 350 degrees for 15-20 mins (my oven baked them just right at 18 mins). I iced them with Cream Cheese icing!

Pumpkin-oat Strusel

Chocolate/Chocolate Chip


Apple cider

Orange juice

Chocolate chip

Easy Bran




1/3 cup granulated sugar
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon

1-1/2 cups all-purpose flour
1 cup Quaker® Oats (quick or old fashioned, uncooked)
1/2 cup granulated sugar
1 tablespoon baking powder
1 cup fat-free milk
1 egg, lightly beaten
4 tablespoons (1/2 stick) margarine or butter, melted
1 teaspoon vanilla

Heat oven to 400°F. Spray bottoms only of mini muffin pan cups with cooking spray.

For topping, combine sugar and cinnamon in small bowl; mix well and set aside.

For muffins, combine flour, oats, sugar and baking powder in large bowl; mix well. In small bowl, combine milk, egg, margarine and vanilla; blend well. Add to dry ingredients all at once; stir just until dry ingredients are moistened. (Do not overmix.)

Fill muffin cups two-thirds full. Sprinkle topping evenly over tops of muffins.

Bake 12 to 14 minutes or until light golden brown. Cool muffins in pan on wire rack 5 minutes; remove from pan. Serve warm. 3 DOZEN

I don't know why put I just can't bring myself to try muffins that have sausage or some other kind of meat in them! Has anyone tried ones like this before?

Do you have a favorite muffin recipe?? I would love for you to share!! I love having a variety of muffins in my freezer. I love making up a variety plate/platter of muffins for hubby to take and share at work, or for those summer potlucks that I need a dish to pass, or even for Christmas gifts to relatives or neighbors!

Remember...instead of always doing loaves of quick bread make the bread into muffins sometimes regular muffins, or sometimes mini muffins for a quick freezer pull snack or breakfast!!

For other kitchen tips, recipes and more, head over to Tammy's Recipes

Monday, August 11, 2008

Meijer Deals 8/10-8/16

There is SEVERAL "Promotional" type deals this week!! Other than those promotions there really is not many great deals this week!

Promotion: Buy $10 in any combination of Nabisco Cookies & Crackers and get $10 off instantly at checkout on any 3 packages of Hanes Basics for the family! $1/1 Mealbox coupon for Snack Crackers

Promotion: Buy $10 in any combination or Coke Products and save $10 instantly at checkout on Athletic Shoes!

Promotion: Buy 2 24 pk 12 oz cans of Coke and 2 Nabisco Snack Crackers 7-10 oz and get the Coke 24 pk 12 oz cans for $3.99 each! $1/1 Mealbox coupon for Snack Crackers

Promotion: Buy 2 Maxwell House Ground Coffeee 33-39 oz or Seattles Best Ground Coffee 12 oz and get Pioneer Sugar 5 lb bag FREE! Mealbox coupons for both kinds coffee

Promotion: Buy 3 Kraft Jello Ready to Eat Pudding or Gelatin 6 pk cups and get 1 Cool Whip Aerosol Can 7 oz FREE (found in dairy dept)!

Promotion: Buy 3 Meijer Spring Water 24 pk and get 1 Crystal Light On the Go 14 ct or South Beach Living 10 ct FREE!

Promotion: Buy 5 Pepperidge Farm Layer Cakes, Turnovers, Garlic Bread or Toast and get 1 Pepperidge Farm Key Lime Layer Cake FREE!

Promotion: Buy any $10 in any combination of Kelloggs products and get $10 off instantly at checkout on any backpack!

Promotion: Buy 4 TGIFriday’s, or Popper’s Items, Get $1 off instantly at the checkout

Promotion: Buy 4 or more Capri Sun Fruit Drinks, Get $3 off next shopping order. Limit 1 offer per purchase.

Other deals...

  • Meijer frozen potatoes 5/$10
    $1/1 Mealbox coupon

  • Handi Snacks 3/$5
    55 cents Mealbox coupon

  • French's Spicy Brown or Yellow Mustard 5/$5
    50 cents/1 coupon and 60 cents/1 coupon 6/22 S

  • Kraft Singles Cheese--12oz 1/2 off
    75 cents/1 coupon 7/20 S

  • Michigan white Potatoes 5lbs B1G1

  • Whole Watermelons $2.79

  • Quick Frozen Boneless/Skinless Chicken Breasts(64oz) B1G1

  • Hillshire Farms Rope Sausage or Brats B1G1

  • Meijer Split Chicken Breasts $1.19/lb

  • Tilipia Fillets B2G2

  • Eckrich Franks, Bologna, or Salami B2G2
    75cents/1 coupon 7/20 S

  • Jimmy Dean Thick Sliced Bacon B1G1

  • Aunt Millie's Old Fashion White or Multi-Grain Bread B1G1
    70 cents/1 coupon 8/10 RP

  • Aunt Millie's Homestyle Potato Hamburger or Hot Dog Buns B1G1
    70cents/1 coupon 8/10 RP

  • Doritos B1G1

  • Act II Popcorn 3ct B1G1

  • Lance Crackers 10.5-11oz Packs B1G1
    $1/2 coupon 5/11 RP

  • General Mills Cereals(select varieties)3/$5
    several coupons available including $1/2 coupon 8/3 S!!

  • Campbell's Tomato or Chicken Noodle Soup 10/$5

  • Meijer Olive Oil 33% off

  • Meijer Crescent or Cinnamon Rolls, or Pizza Crust 5/$5

  • Sunshine Cheez-It Crackers 2/$4
    $1/1 coupon 8/3 KL

  • ALL Revlon Cosmetics & Beauty Tools 1/2 price

  • Almay Cosmetics B1G1

  • Arm & Hammer Laundry Detergent 2/$5
    $1/1 coupon

  • Softsoap Hand Soap 99 cents
    70 cents/1 coupon 7/27 S

  • Also don't forget to take the time to check out Beth's--Tea&Thee for other Meijer deals! IF Meijer is not your store of choice, head over to BeCentsAble's Grocery Gathering!

    Menu Plan Monday 8/10-8/16

    **Another week is upon us so that means it is time for another menu plan! This is just a plan and it could change on the cook’s whim!

    Last week’s menus went off without too much trouble! The “star” of the week goes to the Pioneer Woman’s crashed potatoes!!! I used 2 1/2 lbs of red potatoes and then for seasonings just used parsley (on some) along with salt and pepper! Hubby made the comment that he thought they were going to be more “loaded”(think twice baked) but I told him no, I was just following the recipe! So I am going to put them on the menu again this week and this time I am going to add bacon bits to some and have grated cheese to melt on top when they are all done cooking!

    This week’s grocery shopping was another week of a stockpiling. I did get to my favorite store for their 10 for $10 get 11th item Free Sale plus I purchased a few more items that were needed!!

    Lunches listed are for the kids and me. Usually with our lunches I served carrot sticks, and some kind of fruit along with juice to drink. Hubby usually takes dinner leftovers each day along with several items for snacks. This week, hubby will be using his “lunches” for his “dinners” as he will be working late Monday-Thursday due to a team project with deadlines!

    A special thanks to Laura-Organizing Junkie for hosting Menu Plan Monday! Need help with your menus; go check other delicious meal plans that have been linked at Laura-Organizing Junkie's site! **

    Sunday (8-10)
    Breakfast: eggs, hash browns, sausage or steak, and chocolate donuts
    Lunch: sandwich and chips
    Dinner: Hoagie bun pizzas
    Snack: snack basket

    Monday (8-11)
    Breakfast: cereal and toaster strudel
    Lunch: sandwich and chips
    Dinner: sloppy joes (#6), fries, and corn
    Snack: snack basket

    Tuesday (8-12)
    Breakfast: waffles
    Lunch: sandwich and chips
    Dinner: chicken club sandwiches, hash browns and carrots
    Snack: cookies & milk

    Wednesday (8-13)
    Breakfast: bagels, yogurt and cereal
    Lunch: chicken nuggets
    Dinner: Roasted Chicken, mashed taters & gravy, corn, and biscuits
    Snack: snack basket

    Thursday (8-14)
    Breakfast: french toast and sausage
    Lunch: pizza rolls or leftover hoagie bun pizzas
    Dinner: spaghetti & meatballs, garlic toast and salad
    Snack: snack basket

    Friday (8-15)
    Breakfast: cereal and cinnamon rolls
    Lunch: sandwich and chips
    Dinner: grilled chicken, fish & shrimp, crashed potatoes, green beans and biscuits
    Snack: homemade chocolate shakes

    Saturday (8-16)
    Breakfast: “Cook’s Choice”
    Lunch: ????(hubby and kids are on their own--I am gone for the day!)
    Dinner: grilled bacon cheeseburgers, fries and corn
    Snack: popcorn or snack basket

    Sunday, August 10, 2008

    Singing Sunday

    Top of My Lungs
    by Phillips, Craig, & Dean
    Words of worship
    Rise like a river within me
    Thoughts to express are so many
    For to bless you God
    Can’t be silent,
    think of the mercies you’ve showed me
    My lips began overflowing,
    Great is your Love
    Such gratitude, for all that You do,
    Jesus to you

    At the Top of My Lungs
    I will sing Halleluiah,
    you’re the one who saved me
    The one who gave me
    This life I live
    For evermore,
    For evermore
    At the top of my lungs
    I will sing Halleluiah,
    I not ashamed.
    I’ll praise your name
    let the whole world know!!
    I love you Lord, I love you Lord

    You are worthy,
    I join the song of creation
    Rings out across every nation,
    let my heart be heard,

    I need you so,
    I don’t care who knows
    from the depths of my soul,

    My Love be loud,
    a sweet joyful noise only for you
    I lift up my voice,
    I lift up my voice