Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Link Review--The Mint

In an effort to find "Real Life Math" activities online for my oldest son to do for part of Math class this year, I found this website called The Mint!!! My oh my!! There is alot of different financial resources and useful tools at this site geared to middle or high school students!!! The site is divide up into three "pages"---for kids, for parents, and for teachers. There is online activities to do such as building a budget, learning to write checks, tracking your checking account.

Here is what it says at the site regarding its purpose.....
"Launched in 1997, the site provides tools to help parents as well as educators teach children to manage money wisely and develop good financial habits: the building blocks for a secure future. Given the current rate of savings and debt in America, this is a lesson that desperately needs to be learned.

Sections on this site have been designed for families. Most pages are written in a kid-friendly style so families can work together – or older children can work independently in learning money lessons. However, some sections have been developed exclusively for teachers and parents.

Ideas for Teachers contains activities to illustrate sound money-management concepts.

The Parents section provides tips for mentoring and nurturing children, to help them grow in financial responsibility. Some of these tips lay very simple groundwork and can be used before children start grade school."

One needs to explore the site to get the depth of its resources!!!

The Mint


Jessica said...

This is another great website for kids/teachers/parents that has to do with money and finance.
Click on the WOW ZONE.

JoAnn said...

I finally got around to answering your question on my blog.

Have a blessed day!