Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Weekly Glimpse

I have decided to add something new to my blog....I am going to start doing a "Weekly Glimpse" post basically letting you see a glimpse into my life with 5 kids. I can't guarantee that I will post it on the same day each week but I am going to do this so that family and friends can read a little more about us rather than just my grocery deals, menus, or whatever. :) So without further ado here is glimpse into my week!

It is a relatively quiet week here for a change! Using the "relatively quiet" description loosely! LOL! No deliveries, no major appointments!

First off, I am glad I am able to "hide" behind the computer or not doing this via podcast or some other verbal form as I am dealing with a fierce seasonal allergy flareup! I sound and look horrible! I have gone thru at least 3 full 200 count boxes of kleenex! My nose is dry and raw! My jaw aches from all the sinus pressure and I can barely shallow my own saliva! My head is pounding! In the last 7 days, sleep has been almost non-existent due to being so plugged up! Thankfully, I am going to the doctor's this afternoon to hopefully get something for some relief!

Secondly, my hubby is really busy at work this week. He is at a conference all week! Which translates that I have to really keep the home fires burning and keep things on schedule by myself. Thankfully it is one that is in town so he is home at night so that I can see him before I close my eyes for a night's sleep! :)

Lastly, despite feeling like crap, I am trying to get thru some of the last units with the older kids for school! I really want us to be done with the school year around Memorial Day!
  • My 11yo is studying Moses and the Exodus for Bible. In Science, he is studying Diseases and their cures. This unit is part of the big unit on the human body that we have been working thru this year. In History, he is studying America's Symbols(Liberty Bell, Statue of Liberty, etc). In Math, he is working thru a pre-Algebra unit.
  • My 9yo and 7yo are finishing up their AWANA books for their Bible class! In Science, they are studying ladybugs! This is part of the spring unit that I have created for them! Instead of History, they are doing a Geography unit on the seven continents to finish out the school year. This week's continent is Asia. In Math, my 9yo is doing basic division and my 7yo is working on basic fractions.
  • We have gotten to the point in the school year where I am allowing them to "free read" during their 1/2 hour daily reading time. In other words, they get to choose the books they are reading each day, we are through all the classics that I wanted to cover this year. Last I checked, my 11yo was reading a book by Avi, my 9yo was reading Robin Hood out of our Great Illustrated Classics, and my 7yo was reading a Geronimo Stilton book.

My girl is starting to drive me crazy! Despite the beautiful weather that we are experiencing, she is refusing to go outside to play! She is afraid of any bugs, including ants that might be passing her on the sidewalk or in the air! Granted, I don't like bugs either but I don't have a problem with them as long as they don't land/crawl on me and/or I don't have to squish them because they are in my house. I am basically at my wit's end trying to figure out ways to get her outside to play with friends! :)

My almost 18month old is going to be helping me lose weight this summer by keeping up with him! He loves to be outside even if no one else is out there! Well he is not old enough to be outside without supervision especially in my not fenced in front yard! I was letting him play in the fenced in backyard either in the sandbox or with the our ball collection while I was in the kitchen fixing dinner. I saw it as a win-win situation...he was outside in a fenced in area where I could see him from the kitchen window and I could be working in the kitchen rather than just sitting outside. However, this week he has figured out how to open the gate! He thinks he is soo funny that he has accomplished this feat. Well, daddy to the rescue and rein on son's parade...we now have a clip lock for the gate so the older kids can get in and out but 18month can not open gate! Now let's pray that older kids remember to close the gate behind them if they go in and out of it! :)


Jolene said...

This is Great! I would really like to hear about what you are doing with your 4 yr old and your 18 month old as far as schooling. Due to some very complicated things in my 4 yr olds education and our SUCKY school system...I may be homeschooling him come September. I was also wondering...if you ar3e done with school in May, what month do you start in and how long does your break last?
Thanks ;)

Jasmine31 said...

Our youngest is 4 and she drives me nuts! My eldest dd is 15 and was watching her one day while I went shopping. She went out in the back yard and we didn't realize there is a plank missing in the fence and she took off!

My eldest was on top of it but had to run out the front door and someone seen the little one and then the big sister trying to get here and they called the cops to make sure that my eldest wasn't some kidnapper!

The cops brought them both home and verified who their mom was. The cop told Kass not to be mad at her.

I guess Kass said, "I am telling mom what you did when she gets home!"

Katy turned to her and said, "I am telling mom you were in the street too!!"

Ummmmm.....Kass is 15 she can be in the street or be out by herself a 4 y/o can't!! Arrrrggghhh!!!

Joe fixed the plank that night and we also have a flip to keep the door closed at the top way above where she can reach in addition to the deadbolt and other lock.

I think I need to get one of those door handle covers, where adults can open it but young kids don't have the coordination.

By the way I tagged ya!