Saturday, November 1, 2008

Shopping Sales & Clearance Racks!

Here a couple of days ago, hubby and I went to Kohl's to return a pair of jammies that didn't fit the boy who Grandma intended them to fit. So we went and exchanged them for some lounge pants to go with what he already had and we did some other shopping!! BOY did we make out like a bandit!

Here is what we got....

outfit for daughter...girly sweatpants and a layered shirt. The short sleeve shirt part is a fuzzy fleece with a hoodie while the long shirt part is just a light weight knit. Brand new outfit for $16.50! Grandma had sent us $15 to spend!

2 outfits for youngest son...two long sleeve shirts and two pairs of jeans(no holes!). Total for those outfits $24.00! Grandma sent us $25 to spend! We also found him a pair of flip flops for next summer for 80¢!!! We grab two pairs of the flip flops because one pair we are going to put in our Operation Christmas Child Shoebox!

After getting those outfits, we also started checking the clearance racks and found shorts for the older boys!! These shorts were originally $22 a piece! However, six pairs were marked for $2.20 each and one pair was $6.40 and another pair $3.20!!! So 12 yo boy has 3 pairs of dress shorts, 10 yo boy has 3 pairs of dress shorts, and 8 yo boy has 2 pairs of dress shorts ALL for $22.80!!!

All total with tax everything was $68.79!!! So if you can get to Kohls and have the patience to check out their clearance racks where things are marked at 80% or 90% off!! You can score some brand new clothes at thrift store prices!!


Becky said...

I think that Kohls and JCP have the best clearance sales. I find the patience to look - it's always worth it!

Donna said...

hmmm...I've never been to our Kohl's but I just got a $10 off card in the mail!