Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Being Real---Swing of things!

In order to keep things real...I thought I would show a side of me that I haven't really shown on my blog before....the disorganized looking for organization again side of me! This week is proving that I am NO "SuperMom"! Yesterday, I started with a to-do list that had about 20 items on it! I soon realized that getting ALL 20 done in one day was NOT going to happen!

I managed to get meals done for the day, showered and dressed, school set up for munchkins, vacation blog post done, one of two meats in the freezer, and 3 loads of laundry washed and dried just yesterday. That is just the tip of the iceberg for this week!!

My to do list for this week looks something like this....
  1. Mount Laundry
  2. School with FOUR munchkins--just Math, History, and Reading!! We are going to add subjects a few at a time so they are not overwhelmed!
  3. Getting daily routine down--you know when you add something different(in our case school back in session) it takes a few days to get the hang of it.
  4. Menu Planning!! Yes, I have no idea what I am fixing for dinners this week!! UGH!
  5. Getting to the Library after I read the library books that I have on the shelf. I also need to make a book list of books to get from the library for school.
  6. Straighten up my storage room...I have a 25lb bag of flour that needs to be in containers! I have bags of egg noodles that need to be in containers! Plain and simple I need to get my food storage area organized so that I know what I have in order to make wise choices when grocery deal shopping!
  7. Making sure that everyone is fed at least 3 meals per day!

So in order for my house not to be in complete chaos...I am going to use this week as a transition week for me! From vacation to getting school back underway with the munchkins to getting a schedule/routine down that isn't soooooo overwhelming! Sooooo please bear with me!! I'll be back to normal blogging by next week!! I promise!!

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