Friday, September 5, 2008

Frugal Friday--Holiday Gift Baskets

Christmas is just around the corner(I think we are down to 111 days!!!), so it is time for me to start thinking about gifts and what I am going to do to bring holiday cheer to extended family members and neighbors.

One thing I do each year for Christmas, I do up gift baskets for my extended family members. Being the oldest of eight children, it seems that my extended family is forever growing! I found that doing these baskets is fun and economical. I also like doing them because my munchkins can help me think of items to put in them and help put them together. The other thing that I like about doing these kinds of baskets is how versatile they can be. You don't have to just give them at Christmas time but you can use them for other occasions as well! I have been known to give the "baby basket" at a baby shower. The "kitchen basket" makes a good home warming gift or bridal shower gift.

To make them economical I usually will visit my local Dollar Stores! We have a few different ones in my area. The other thing is to make the items yourself that you place in the baskets.
Here is a list of ones that I have done.

Kitchen gift basket:
--magnetic grocery list pad
--dish towel or cloth(usually line the basket with it)
--scented candle or two
--kitchen utensil or two
--dry ingredients of a spice mix or bread or cookies

Holiday gift basket:
--holiday table runner
--holiday dish towel or cloth or hotpad
--holiday scented candles
--tree ornament(handmade or store bought)
--small box of chocolates or fudge
--Christmas music CD

Baby gift basket:
--hooded towel
--wash cloth
--rubber ducky
--baby shampoo(trial size)
--baby powder(trial size)
--baby lotion(trial size)
--terri sleeper

Cookie gift basket:
--cookie mix(gift in a jar type thing)
--cookie recipes
--cookie cutters

Rainy day/sick day gift basket:
--soup mix(gift in a jar type thing)
--hot chocolate or tea
--mug/tea cup
--deck of cards

Kid coloring gift basket:
--coloring book
--a pad of paper(construction or drawing)
--box of 24 ct. crayons
--washable markers

Stationary/Letter Writing Gift basket:
--different kinds of stationary and envelopes
--postage stamps
--address book
--letter opener

"Night in" gift basket:(this basket is a little more expensive but a nice one for a couple)
--movie rental gift certificate
--bag of popcorn
--couple bottles of IBC rootbeer or sparkling grape juice

Here is some websites that have some more ideas for homemade gift baskets...

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For other frugal tips, recipes, or resources, Biblical Womanhood! Today Crystal is explaining why they are raising their grocery budget for this "life season" they are going thru as a family! Congratulations to the Paine family!!


April said...

I'm making my mil a coffee basket using samples I've recieved in then mail, homemade goodies and then I'm going to have her a mug made with a picture of the kids on it.

for the rest of the relatives I'm just making up bakets with breads, cookies and then premade mixes so they can make some more later on.

Frugal Finds said...

I am doing "green" gift bags this year. I start with a cloth grocery bag and then I am filling it with "green"products specific to each family. I will be including "green" papertowls in each since it helps to fill the bag and a home made 100% cotton dish cloth.
I am actually very excited to give these! I can not blog about them on my blog since my family reads it!!
Frugal Carol

Sherry said...

I am thinking of doing night in baskets for family this year. Thank you for all the great ideas! :D

Niki said...

I love these basket ideas. I randomly pick up baskets at thrift stores and small things to add to them. I love the movie one and have done those with the dollarstore popcorn buckets and two tickets.

Miranda said...

These are great ideas and so useful! I saw a cute "outdoor fun" basket for kids the other day. It had items like bubbles, sidewalk chalk, a jump rope... really cute!

Kate said...

Great ideas. I just saw last week that our Salvation Army has a whole section full of baskets and I almost grabbed some with the thought of putting together some gift baskets. Now I will make a trip back out there and get some more for sure. I feel inspired now. Maybe this year I could actually finish my Christmas shopping earlier than 2 days after Christmas!