Thursday, April 3, 2008

Weekly Meijer Shopping Trip

I try to do my shopping each week based on what we need and what the sales are for the week. So I find myself getting really good deals one week and then the next week or two not doing as well.

This week for me, Meijer did not have as many deals as what they did last week. However, I still came out of the store with a savings of $83.53!! Most of the savings coming with just sale prices rather than sale prices and coupons. I only use $9.30 in coupons this week. So after sales, coupons and tax my out of pocket(oop) was $110.01.

This week Meijer has a "Buy One Get One Free" sale or in some cases "Buy One Get TWO Free".

I only picked up one of the BOG2F sale items. That was Dynamo 2x free and clear 100 oz bottle. I got 3 bottles for $12.99.

In their BOGO sale items, I got 8lbs. quick frozen boneless skinless chicken breasts for $14.98($1.87/lb). I would have gotten more if I had more room in my freezer!! I also got 2lbs quick frozen cod fillets for $5.99($3/lb). This wasn't the greatest deal but hubby likes cod and he needs to be eating fish for health reasons. :)

Other items that I purchased at Meijer worth noting...

Green Giant Veggies on sale for 5/$5.00 I purchased 6 pkgs/$6.00 minus 2-$1.00/2 coupons, 2-50 cents/1 coupons =6/$3.00 or 50cents each!

I used my Raincheck for Life Cinnamon Cereal that was 5/$10...I got one box for $1.00 after coupon. I forgot to print off more coupons for the cereal before going to the store BUT I guess that was a good thing because when I got back home I realized I have 32 boxes of cold cereal!!!!

Post Cereal(Family Size boxes) 3/$6...I only grabbed 2 boxes because I didn't have any coupons!

Era 2x Laundry detergent on sale for 2/$6...I got one plus I had $1/1 coupon making the bottle $2.00!

Ground Round at the meat counter is 1.89/lb!! My Meijer also had "price dropped" the ground chuck to $1.69/lb. I decided to get 4.5 lbs of ground round. I like using the ground round for burger patties because of the leanness of the meat.

Pork Loins for 1.69/lb...I grabbed one!

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