Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Works for Me Wednesday

Having five kids brings on challenges(and of course blessings)!! One of those challenges is keeping up with all of them when we go out as a family and end up in a crowd setting(think the zoo, mall shopping, vacationing, etc). What works for me in keeping track of all of them is dressing them in the same colors or matching clothes.

Why it works for me is that if they get too far ahead I can scan the crowd and find them! Also, should one get lost (heaven forbid!), I can remember in the panic what the lost child was wearing by just looking at the other kids that are with me. It really takes the stress off me in trying to remember exactly what the kids are wearing. Also hubby and I wear the same colors to what the kids are wearing so the kids can describe us, if necessary.

Also having everyone in the same colors or matching clothes helps me if we are vacationing! If I have to do laundry, I can do all of the clothes in one shot rather than having to do several loads because of all the different colors.

This is what works for me with having a big family!

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ruth said...

Hey! I used to do that too! I remember one trip to Cape Cod where I got all my kids orange shirts. They were easy to spot along the seashore, and it made for nice photos, too! I got the idea from watching school groups at theme parks in their matching tee-shirts and I thought, "I could do that, too!"

Mommy Reg said...

We dress our kiddos alike too. Last time we went to the fair, we had my 6 yo cousin with us. We also took pictures with the digital camera just in case. And hubby was a genius and gave each of them his business card with his cell phone on it too. I thought that was brilliant.

Teresa @ A Life At Home said...

Great idea, thanks for sharing! With 6 children I find that i'm constantly counting heads. I will be trying this soon.