Friday, March 21, 2008

Frugal Friday

Well it is Frugal Friday, over at Biblical Womanhood! So I was racking my brain for something to talk about that might help someone out! I really couldn't come up with anything really awesome! Or that was so mind boggling that people would comment as to what a great idea it was and why in the world had they not thought about doing that before! So I decided to just post about something that made my day this week! That something is shopping for clothes for my girl! Hubby and I don't really have a "clothing budget" for the kids or for ourselves so shopping for clothes can be challenging at times. Not just challenging in the money aspect but also just finding decent clothes at a reasonable price.

I feel blessed that my boys are far apart enough in age that it is easy to keep my four boys' closets full of clothes! I just hand the clothes down to the next one! To acquire their clothes, I have talked with several friends at church who have boys and they are willing to give me(someone they know) the "hand me downs" rather than just donating them to an organization where they don't even know if they will be used or not. I also hit the many different thrift stores that I have found with living in the big city.

However, keeping my only girl clothed with "girly" clothes can be challenging!! Most of my friends with girls are in the same size as my girl!! So I have to hit up the thrift stores which can be a lot of hit or miss! However this past week, I went into Goodwill and found her TWO Land's End brand dresses for $2.29/each! They both look brand new. One won't fit her for awhile as she is only in a size 6 and it was a size 12!! But it is a jumper that won't go out of style before she wears it. The other dress is a summer dress that she will be able to wear this summer.

Also I have found a couple of families at my church with older girls that now know my need for my girl and are giving me clothes that they would otherwise be donating. One of the families has three girls and she has given me several bags of clothes for my girl. She has even stated that some of the clothes will make good "play clothes" for my girl because of stains on the clothes. Most of the stains though I have been able to get out of the clothes and have been able to use the clothes for "good clothes" as well. I have also found that people if they know your need are more willing to donate the items to you because they know it will be used rather than just in a box or a store unused.

Also this past week, I went into Kohls' while they are having great sales and clearance racks! I found her two dresses and a white sweater shawl for the regular price of one of the dresses!! One of the dresses will be her Easter dress. The other one will be one for her to wear thru the summer. I love being able to get my kids new things at discounted prices!

So my tips for you are this:

  1. Don't be afraid to ask others in regards to your need!
  2. If you want new items, check the sales or clearance racks, esp. around the season change!!
  3. If you have clothes that you are going to be donating, look for or ask someone you know first if they would like to have them for their children.

For other tips, ideas, and resources, head over to Biblical Womanhood!


Tania said...

I found great deals at Kohls this week too!! I love their clearance racks!!

Cajunchic said...

Another good idea is that once every three weeks Goodwill(atleast in our area. check out the website of yours to find out if they do it) has an unadvertised Early Bird Sale. they open at 7am that morning and all clothing is $1 until 10 am. I racked up the last time we went and was able to outfit my whole family for the winter season for $80.

Jen@BigBinder said...

I LOVE Goodwill. There is a warehouse on 36th St and they have a sale every Friday; most clothes are $0.50! You REALLY have to dig and be kind of aggressive because the clothes are just in big boxes on pallets.

Also - I have a friend who works for Goodwill, and she said that the 52nd/Division one, and the new one I think on Plainfield have the pickiest managers so they sell some pretty choice stuff :)