Saturday, March 22, 2008

Meijer Shopping Trip

After I posted about Meijer deals I just had to go and get some myself! I spent $87.41 OOP but only had to pay $44.95!! Savings of $42.46!!

Here is what I got(sorry no pics, the kids put it away too fast! LOL)

2 gallons of milk $5.54 ($2.77/gallon)
2 loaves Aunt Millies Bread BOGO $2.99
3 dozen eggs $3.57 ($1.19/dozen)
3 bags of Hershey's fun size candy $6.00 ($2.50/bag minus $1.50 coupon on 3 bags)
Campbell's Cream of Chicken soup 3.30 (5/$3.00 minus 30 cents coupon on 4 cans)
2 jars Miracle Whip $4.00
2-64oz Juicy Juice $4.00 ($2.50/bottle minus $1.00 coupon on one bottle)
2 bags Oreo Cookies $5.00
1 Family size box Crunch N Munch $1.32 (3/$5.00 minus 35 cents coupon on one box)
3lbs bananas $1.80
Hair brush $3.74
4 bags of Dove candy $10.00 ($2/$5.00 minus BOGO coupon equals 4 bags for FREE!) you can read about the deal here!

So there is what I got for $44.95 OOP from Meijer!

I also shopped at Kohls and Walgreens this week and got some pretty good deals!! :)

To see what others snagged as good deals this week head over here!

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Mrs. Nichole Jordan said...

Great Deals!!!

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