Monday, June 22, 2009

Glimpse of the "It could have been worse!" Week

I can not say that I have been bored this week!! Life has definitely been keeping my hopping so much so that I am finding that things like blogging have had to be put on the back burner.

The Sonshine household this week has seen:

  1. a broken dryer! The dryer is around 5 years old and does not want to heat so the clothes can dry! There is too many cottonwood seeds flying in the air and seasonal allergies for us to line dry clothes outside. So we made a 15 minute trip to my parents' house to use their dryer and to dry the 4 loads of laundry. The dryer was fixed to the tune of $138 on Saturday!!

  2. a U-joint in our Suburban replaced! ahhhh no more vibrating or squeaking noises while driving.

  3. a water heater that doesn't want to heat water! Lukewarm showers are becoming the norm around here! It is amazing what happens when someone inadvertently dials down the temp of the heater! Hubby turned it back up and it seems for now we have dodged having to replace it. However, I know that its days are numbered due to its age.

  4. An egress window and window well installed so that we can move towards separating our five kids into THREE rooms rather than just TWO. To save us money with this installation, my hubby dug the FIVE foot by FIVE foot hole by hand one shovel of sand at a time about four different times due to "cave-ins". Yes under the grass and topsoil is nothing but sand so just when hubby thought he had it ready more sand would cave into the hole!! Once the window was installed by a contractor friend of ours, my hubby installed the window well.

  5. I had my yearly physical and unless my bloodwork comes back showing problems, the doctor gave me a clean bill of health.

  6. The oven would not heat so this morning the same company that fixed the dryer on Saturday returned yesterday morning to fix it to the tune of $160!! Not sure if we were going to have to get a new one, I made my weekly menu not using the oven! Thankfully I have two full propane tanks for the grill, a stove top, a crockpot/roaster, and a microwave to keep food rolling out of the kitchen!
Despite all the things that have gone wrong this past week, I haven't forgotten to take the time to be thankful!!

I am thankful for:
  1. My family and our health! We are healthy and able to enjoy doing things together.
  2. My house with air conditioning! The weather has been hot and humid and it has been refreshing to come inside to a nice cool house.
  3. My God! He has been with us through everything this past week. If it wasn't for being able to lean on Him and His promises, I think I would have had a mental breakdown! Just when things were at the worst, His calm quiet voice reassured me that things would get better!
  4. My friends! Friends that will give a helping hand and not expect something in return.
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Snow White said...

that's an eventful week!

Donna said...

Oh boy!
Sorry to hear 'bout all the bummers BUT I've noticed when we go through the raining/pouring usally goes the other way within a couple of weeks and we have a week of raining/pouring blessings! Hope the same comes your way!