Friday, June 26, 2009

Weekly Shopping Trip--Savings $29.87

This week's shopping was a light week! I decided that I wasn't going to much in the way of deal shopping and just focus on the getting the "need items". The only deal that I couldn't pass up was at Meijer buying 20 Kool-aid envelopes and getting a 5pk Kraft Mac & Cheese free and 5lbs of sugar for 79¢!!

Actually I did the Kool-aid deal like this....

I bought 25 Kool-aid envelopes. I used my TWO Kraft coupons for 50¢/10 so that made the total cost of my 25 envelopes $1.50(or 6 cents each). Then I also got FIVE boxes of Kraft Mac & Cheese(valued at $3.49) for FREE. I also used the $2 off sugar coupon when you buy 10 Kool-aid envelopes so I got 5lbs of sugar for 79¢. So all total for this deal it cost me $2.29 out of pocket!!!! And if I really wanted to get technical, the lady in front of me gave me her $2 off your next shopping order Catalina coupon so I could say this deal only costs me 29¢!

Along with the Kool-aid deal, here is breakdown of the rest of my Meijer trip:

  • .63 lbs deli Turkey Breast $2.51

  • .53 lbs deli smoked Turkey breast $2.11

  • .63 lbs low sodium deli ham $2.20

  • 5 lbs sugar 79¢

  • 25 envelopes Kool-aid $1.50

  • 5 pk. Kraft Mac & Cheese FREE

  • 6.96 lbs bananas $2.71

  • 1.75 lbs red grapes $1.73

  • 2 bags Tostitos chips $3.99

  • 1 cantaloupe $2.00

  • 12 cups Yoplait yogurt $5.00
Total OOP: $22.54
Total Savings: $25.68
Total without sales and coupons: $48.22

I also made a stop at Family Fare this week for a few items that included some markdown/manager's special meat, here is what I purchased there:

  • 2 gallons milk $5.98

  • .62 lbs breakfast steak $2.25

  • .53 lbs beef stir fry meat $1.85

  • 2.02 lbs cube steak $5.23
Total OOP after using $4.10 bottle refund: $11.21
Total Savings: $4.19
Total without sales and coupons: $19.50

Grand Total OOP: $33.75
Grand Total Savings: $29.87
Grand Total without sales and coupons: $67.72

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