Friday, June 26, 2009

Grilled Pizza Rolls and Wavy Carrots

Despite last week's events, I did try to make the best of things in the kitchen and find ways to still cook things without having an oven.

One of the things that I did was use our gas grill more. Our grill normally gets used to cook just the usual hamburgers, chicken, hotdogs and the occasional pork chops. However, this past week I cooked Totino's pizza rolls on it!! I have read about others grilling whole pizzas so I thought doing the pizza rolls would be no different.

I preheated the grill for a couple of minutes. I put the pizza rolls on a cookie sheet and placed it on the grill to cook. I should have turned the heat down to low when I put the pizza rolls on the grill however, I waited to turned the heat down to low after turning them once. As you can see from some of the pizza rolls, I left the grill on high for a bit too long, but the pizza rolls were not burnt just a bit extra crispy.

They took a little bit longer to cook than what they do in the oven but the results were met with two thumbs up from each of the family members.

The other thing I did this week was use a kitchen tool that has been sitting in the back of the utensil drawer collecting dust!

I use my Pampered Chef crinkle cutter and made some carrot sticks for a snack. My daughter came into the kitchen while I was cutting them up and asked what I was making. I told her "carrot sticks". She looked at me and said those are not carrot sticks they are "wavy carrots"!

I love finding fresh ways to do things to save on heating up my kitchen and re-energizing a veggie into a fun snack.

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ToyLady said...

OK, first off, those wavy carrot sticks are COOL! I so need to get one of those! LOL

We experimented once last summer with doing pizza on the grill - I'd love to try it again, especially now that it's starting to get warm and humid. . .

And WOW you had a busy week! Our oven died a few years back, and we were fortunate in that, when we finally replaced it, we went to a small, locally owned appliance store and got a great deal on a floor model - a much nicer stove than expected for the money we were prepared to spend. :)