Thursday, May 14, 2009

FREEBIES #7--Homeschooling Resources

**these freebies are no longer available, however you can purchase them at CurrClick!

The LAST DAY of freebies over at CurrClick!!! 

To celebrate Mother's Day, CurrClick has been giving away FOUR freebies for you to download each day for the last seven days!! The freebies have changed each day! This is the last day so do not delay in taking advantage of these wonderful resources!!

Today's Freebies are:

  1. Family Worship as Directed by our Forfathers--Twenty-one discourses and letters on family worship by our godly forefathers. We learn from men such as John Bunyan, J.W. Alexander, A.W. Pink, George Whitfield and more! Lovely artwork graces the pages. You will also find a list of helpful resources and links within this ebook.

  2. Activity Bags Sampler #2--5 preschool activities in a bag instructions, 5 craft kits in a bag instructions, 5 Math Games in a bag instructions, 5 science experiments in a bag instructions and a 30 day challenge devotional and journal page are included in this sampler packet.

  3. Prince Caspian Literature Unit--this is a different unit study from the 1st day of freebies! Topics to be covered are kings and queens, castles, knights, trees, celestial navigation, astronomy, and more. This unit includes a book list, a website URL list, and daily lesson plans that include vocabulary, reading assignments, writing assignments, notebooking page assignments, activities and crafts.

  4. My Name Is Gene-Third Edition--The newest edition of the popular textbook "My Name is Gene". The book is written with a Christian perspective and demonstrates God's intricate handiwork, reflecting His glory and wisdom. Much of what makes each one of us unique and special is traced to our genetic code. This book is filled with information on genetics and the scientific advances in biotechnology. It is an easy-to-approach read with many colorful illustrations and several exercises. This book is appropriate for late elementary/middle-school students in either the classroom or homeschool. The workbooks "Fun with Gene" and its accompaniment "My Name is Gene" can be studied as a unit covering genetics.

Don't miss out!!!

Where to find the freebies: You can click on the picture above to get to CurrClick's homepage (or the CurrClick links in this post)and then click on the same picture over on the homepage to find the freebies!!

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