Monday, May 11, 2009

FREEBIES #4--Homeschooling Resources

***These freebies are no longer available!  However, you can still purchase them at  CurrClick!***

Another day of freebies over at CurrClick!!!

To celebrate Mother's Day, CurrClick is giving away FOUR freebies today for you to download each day for the next five days!! The freebies will change each day! The days that they will still be offering the freebies are May 11, 12, 13!!! So do not delay in taking advantage of this wonderful resource!!

Today's Freebies are:
  1. Simple Rhymes for Little Children Coloring Book--rhymes and poems found in the book are being reprinted from a booklet by the same title put out by the American Sunday School Union in the 1830’s.

  2. My Book of Continents-- geared towards ages 5 to 8 years old. help you teach your early elementary-aged children about the seven continents. Introduced to the physical world and the different cultures that live on it. Included a list of the books we read for this study.

  3. Psalm 16 Copywork Notebook--includes a cover page as well as both basic and primary-line options. Memory cards with a pocket are also included for ease of memory work.

  4. Silly Snail: Parts of Speech Game--Review parts of speech (common noun, proper noun, pronoun, verb, adjective, and adverb) with this game. Reinforce your language arts curriculum in a fun way!

Don't miss out!!!

Where to find the freebies: You can click on the picture above to get to CurrClick's homepage (or the CurrClick links in this post)and then click on the same picture over on the homepage to find the freebies!!

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