Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Freebies #6--Homeschooling Resources

**these freebies are no longer available, however, you can purchase them at CurrClick's website!**

Another day of freebies over at CurrClick!!! Looking today at their site, I see that today is NOT the last day, like I stated yesterday.  So you actually have today and tomorrow to get your freebies!

To celebrate Mother's Day, CurrClick has been giving away FOUR freebies for you to download each day for the last five days!! The freebies have changed each day! This is the last day so do not delay in taking advantage of these wonderful resources!!

Today's Freebies are:

  1. Hero Tales of American History--Looking for great short stories to supplement your student's American History--here are some exciting accounts from famous Americans in history: from George Washington to Abraham Lincoln and everywhere inbetween, 26 accounts that are sure to spark interest in your student (and solidify those historic facts)

  2. Math Mammoth Add & Subtract 4--concepts geared for the 3rd or 4th grade level that covered in this book are mental addition and subtraction strategies; adding and subtracting in columns; Roman Numerals; the addition and subtraction connection, missing addend problems, and word problems with bar diagrams; order of operations; and graphs and money.

  3. A Little Web Page--Make a fun web page with your child, aged 8 and over, using free-trial drag and drop software. Go ahead and get silly! Web Studio software has lots of fun features. This is a recipe for a fun afternoon that you can use over and over. When you are done, you can save the result as the page that pops up on your own computer when you open your browser.

  4. Novel Ideas - Betsy Byars' The Summer of the Swans--This print and use workbook is a child-directed literature study that requires no teacher or parental prep time. The format is an exciting new approach to studying literature. Each page engages the student in many interesting activities. Children will explore new vocabulary in its context and answer questions that involve them in the story. Learners reflect on their own experiences to better understand those of the characters. This process ensures full comprehension of the novel. Additional activities involve illustrating, sequencing, analyzing characters, and point of view. The literature study concludes with an organized and detailed book summary.

Don't miss out!!! 

Where to find the freebies: You can click on the picture above to get to CurrClick's homepage (or the CurrClick links in this post)and then click on the same picture over on the homepage to find the freebies!!

These freebies are really working for me in helping me to prepare for my summer and fall curriculum.

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