Friday, March 6, 2009

Women History Month

One thing that I enjoy about not being “tied” to a specific curriculum is being able to make and do my own units of study. It is fun to put a different twist on the school day by doing something that is not according to structured lesson plan.  For this month, I am putting together a unit based on a month long event. According to the Educator’s Calendar that I downloaded from TeacherVision, March is Women’s History Month.

So for part of the month, I have planned for my children to learn about important women in history and how each of those women made their mark on history.

The women we are going to be studying this month are:

Sojourner Truth

Susan B. Anthony

Abigail Smith Adams 

Emily Dickinson

Amelia Earhart

Eleanor Roosevelt 

Sandra Day O'Connor

Annie Oakley

Helen Keller 

Betsy Ross

Clara Barton

Rosa Parks

If you clicked on any of their names, you will find that each of these women made their mark on history!   Along with studying these women we are going to learn about the firsts in women's achievement throughout history.

To accomplish our study we will be using the following resources:'s Women History Month Page

Women History Month's page at Infoplease

Time for Kids--Women History Month Page

Library of Congress' Tribute to Women History Month

Scholastic's Women History Page


As for books that we will use in our study, I will be picking a few from this recommended list and this list compiled by Carol Hurst.   I will also be looking for books that are about each of the specific women listed above.

Here is what we will be doing for activities; we will be making a poster entitled “Women’s Firsts”. We will also be doing a fact sheet on each of the women as we study them throughout the month.

Nothing extravagant but something that will hopefully be fun and a change of pace for us.


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