Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Time of Refreshing...

Hubby and I are heading out today for a marriage retreat that is sponsored by our church.

We will be leaving Thursday afternoon to go to a conference/resort center an hour away from our home.  We will be returning some time in the late afternoon on Saturday.

The theme this year is "Love Refresher".   I am praying for a refreshing time!  Time to get away from the cares of the world and my home to focus on the loving the man that the Lord gave to me!

My MIL is coming from out of town to stay with our kids during the two days. 

I have scheduled a few posts for during the time that I am gone for you to enjoy!

I will be back in the saddle of blogging at the start of next week!


Donna said...

Oh how sweet!
I hope its a time of blessing for you!God Bless!

Sherry said...

Hope you have a wonderful time of refreshing with your husband, Sonshine!