Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Works for Me Wednesday--Puzzle Art

I love doing puzzles! I could sit for hours just working on a puzzle. I like to do the outside of the puzzle first and work my way around the inside. I like to keep my pieces in the box and work to find the pieces that way rather than sorting them out by colors or laying them out on the table. However, I am one of those people who once I do a puzzle I don't want to take apart and do it over again at a different time. All that time, energy and work isn't going to be wasted to do it again. So once we got our house, I have purchased puzzles to put together specifically for hanging as art on the wall.

Here is a puzzle of all the different United States flags. I put it together in about 3 hours. I used puzzle glue on it to preserve it. Then I framed it in a poster frame to protect it and make it easier to dust. I now have it hanging in my red, white, and blue kitchen/eating area.

Here is one of the two Thomas Kinkade painting puzzles I have done recently. I got the puzzles as a gift from my parents and decided to hang them in my bedroom. These were a bit trickier to frame as they were circular puzzles. My hubby decided to take it to Michael's and have their custom framing department frame it. He used their 60% off sale as well. He got one of the them just matted so that we could interchange them in the frame. So to get 2 puzzles matted and one framed. It cost $230. This is alot cheaper than just purchasing a framed Thomas Kinkade painting.

So doing puzzles to relieve stress and to hang on what would be bare walls otherwise works for me!

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