Thursday, September 25, 2008

All about "A"

Finally, I think I have my schedule down where I can get started with schooling my kindergartener. We worked at learning about "A" this week. We talked about apples, and ants.

I got books about ants from the library from the list on the ants lapbook. I read a book to her each day about the ants.

We ate apples and applesauce.

We traced "A" and "a". We colored pictures of ants, apples and "A". We did a dot-to-dot apple to work on counting and recognizing our numbers to 10.

When we were putting the picture to match the word in our letter "A" book, I had her tell me each of the letters in the word to see what letters she recognized in each word. This way she is realizing that words represent things not just pictures.

Instead of doing a lapbook on just ants, we made it represent our "A" week.

Aside from doing "A" this week, we also worked on 1 John 4:14 and Psalm 147:5 for Awana.

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