Friday, September 26, 2008

Parenting Series---ABCs Christian Parenting--Part 1

In an effort to give you a glimpse into the parenting side of my life, I thought I would start a series based on the ABCs of Christian Parenting by Robert & Debra Bruce. It has been a long time since I have read the book but I have my notes. So for the next several weeks I am going to share each of the letters with their statement along with some thoughts.

AFFIRM your child everyday as a gift from God, no matter what yesterday's problems were.

We have all been there...remembering all those problems the day before that are just too hard to forget...
  • that hard to love child who seemingly always creates trouble
  • that child who told you one thing and did another
  • that doctor's appointment that got missed
  • the dinner that never got started or did and got burned
  • so many things went wrong that you don't remember them all

However, during those overwhelming times have we taken the time to remember our blessings or gifts that God has given us? Have we taken the time to be positive to ourselves or to our children?

Children Are A Gift From God
by Sandra Tolson

God sent me three packages
That needed special care
"Take care of these tiny gifts
For they are very rare."

"Watch over them with all your love
And let them feel your touch
Take care of their every need
For you are needed very much."

"These gifts will grow up very fast
As you soon will see
Love them with all your heart
And let them be what they will be."

"When these gifts have fully grown
Look at Heaven up above
Know they exist because of God
And all his precious love."

Take the time today to let your children know that you are blessed to have them and that you love them!

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Kate said...

Sometimes, it is too easy to overlook the value of something as simple as affirmation. It really does bless our children though. Thanks for the reminder. I'm going to make sure I work this in more often.

This series is a fantastic idea. I can't wait to read along for each part.