Thursday, September 25, 2008

Blog Changes

Well it didn't take as long as I thought it would to make the changes that I have been wanting to do. So here is the new look and the new direction...

After a year plus of the same colors and format, I thought it would be time for a change! I have decided to go to a three column template along with some new colors. I have decided to keep things simple so that it is easy for others to load in other words mostly words & colors than tons of pictures and animation. I was thinking about adding ads(I still might in the future) but for now I will be keeping my blog ad-free.

You will notice that I have separated the homeschooling resources from the other resources. There are other slight changes done as well, like I weeded out sites.

As for the content changes, I am not going to stop posting about my shopping deals or other frugal tips or even the recipes. However, I am going to add in more encouragement in regards to homeschooling and parenting. Stay tuned to see more homeschooling posts with links or activites that we have or are using and even some reviews on books & software. Stay tuned to see more in the way of encouragement in parenting thru links to articles and other little tidbits.

I want to be an encouragement to others and be writing to glorify God rather than seemingly bragging all the time about what I purchased at the store. My purpose for my blog is to give you a glimpse into my life and its many facets. So I am pulling away from concentrating on just one facet of life.

Now I need your thoughts and comments!!


Kim said...

I love your new look! There's so much to *see* here, it might take me awhile to get through it all. But I will have FUN while I am doing it!

~Kim in TX

marky said...

Love your blog! I now have you linked!

Kate said...

Your new look is great, and it goes along so well with your new goals. I have been trying to clean mine up too, but I've been having a hard time with. Little by little I am getting there though.

I think the new direction of your blog sounds wonderful. I know I have always found your homeschooling and parenting so encouraging. I'm glad to know others will now get to share in that encouragement on a regular basis.

Anonymous said...

Your blog looks amazing! Great job. I love the color choice and the graphics. I agree with you regarding teh blogging topics. It is easy to get caught up in a sort of "bragging" rather than giving a glimps into your homeschooling life. I also struggle with that and need to refocus often. I'm excited to see how you keep moving... forward.


Donna said...

I love the colors--they are 'comfy'! I love the P.M. pic too. I used to want to decorate my little girl's room in those...never got to...but it's pink! :-)

You are a fountain of homeschool resources, and I so appreciate all of your efforts! You've been a great blessing to me!

I like all of your 'bragging' though! ;-) And by the way, that tea on my page (the pretty colored tea) is a 'green tea' and it's made by Salada and there just so happens to be a printable coupon on smartsource for .50 off! (Just in case...:) It really is very good! It's like blueberry juice...I've even used it to flavor smoothies before! lol

Have U come across any sites yet for teaching typing? What I used some time ago has vanished.

May God bless your blog in every way and continue to let you Shine!!