Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Works for Me Wednesday--Quiet Time

Being the mother of five(11 and under) and homeschooling, there is nothing more wonderful than having peace and quiet in the middle of the day!!

How do I accomplish that middle of the day peacefulness??

I have trained my munchkins from a very early age that the first two hours AFTER lunch is "Quiet Time" every day(including the days in the summer when we are not doing school)!

When my munchkins are infants and toddlers(usually up to age 3) that is when their afternoon nap is every day.

When my munchkins are about 3 1/2 years old to about 6 years old that is when I would tell them to go into their rooms and unto their beds with a stack of books to look through til the timer goes off. The timer is only set for a 1/2 hour because that is about how long they stay put in their beds before coming out and asking "Can I get up?". I am still working with my almost 5 yo dd in staying put til Mommy comes in to get her! The rest of the two hours is spent playing quietly in the playroom. There is to be no banging of drums or any other objects! If there is talking that is necessary we use a quiet "library voice". NO yelling at anyone!

When my munchkins are 7 years old to teens, I instruct them to find a book and read for at least a 1/2 hour after lunch. Yes, I have a couple of avid readers and they read the afternoon away or at least complete a book from beginning to end in one afternoon! But I do not care because reading is good and it is quiet! After they are done reading their 1/2 hour they are able to get on their computer for a 1/2 hour and play games.(There is no arguing over "the" computer because my hubby has built a computer for each of the four older ones.) Once they are done with reading and the computer, then it is time to find other things that are quiet while the little ones finish up their naps! This is when they usually will pull out board games or find other quiet games to play.

I love having this "Quiet Time" each day!! Here are some things that *I* do for my "Quiet Time"!!

  1. read a book
  2. read the Bible
  3. pray
  4. make phone calls
  5. write blog posts
  6. get my shopping lists done, coupons cut, and menus planned
  7. plan weekly school schedules
  8. grade papers
  9. bake goodies
  10. balance the checkbook
  11. laundry
  12. nap
  13. think

Daily "Quiet Time" is what works for me! To read about what works for others, head over to Shannon's--Rocks in My Dryer!!


Leslie said...

Great minds think alike! :-) Funny that we posted similar things. I know that I'll struggle with a quiet time when I have kids, so this is a great idea!

Marcy said...

What a great idea! My toddler is still taking naps (usually goes down around 1:00) but I think I'll try something like this when she outgrows her naps. I know that I tresure this "me" time to relax or get things done around the house. I think it makes me a better mom.

Donna said...

What organization you show!

I used to know a lady who had 'room time' for her kids every day and the baby gate was put up on the playroom to make sure there were no escapees! (Of course she did that so she would know they weren't in danger while she may have been in the kitchen or whatever..)

Would you be up to a computer question?

The Happy Housewife said...

I used to do quiet time, I need to start it up again, I think I need it and my kids need it!