Monday, June 9, 2008

Menu Plan Monday 6/8-6/14

**Another week is upon us so that means it is time for another menu plan! This is just a plan and it could change on the cook’s whim!

Last week’s menus went well. There were a couple of days with no plan but I was able to overcome and still get something on the table for dinner without getting “take-out”! I have enough leftovers for hubby’s lunch this week but it looks like the kids and I will be having more sandwiches or I will have to fix something for them.

I have done my shopping for this week already so I should be set other than getting more milk in the house! For the first time ever, my oldest son is at church camp this week so I have one less mouth to feed for four days. So for the four "left behind" I am going to do kid friendly meals!

Lunches listed are for the kids and me. Hubby usually takes dinner leftovers each day.
A special thanks to Laura-Organizing Junkie for hosting Menu Plan Monday! Need help with your menus, go check other delicious meal plans that have been linked at her site! **

Sunday (6-8)
Breakfast: eggs, bacon, hash browns, and biscuits
Lunch: leftover spaghetti from last week
Dinner: Steak N’ Shake
Snack: cake and milk

Monday (6-9)
Breakfast: cereal and toast
Lunch: sandwich, chips, grapes and carrot sticks
Dinner: Salisbury Steak with Gravy, mashed potatoes, green beans and honey oatmeal rolls
Snack: snack basket

Tuesday (6-10)
Breakfast: pancakes from the freezer
Lunch: cheese quesadillas
Dinner: creamy chicken (#1), rice, peas, and biscuits
Snack: snack basket

Wednesday (6-11)
Breakfast: “Cook’s Choice” (I have a WIC recert. Appt)
Lunch: sandwich, chips, applesauce and carrot sticks
Dinner: grilled chicken, potatoes, and corn (not sure what kind of pototoes to do!)
Snack: “mystery snack”

Thursday (6-12)
Breakfast: waffles
Lunch: pizza rolls
Dinner: chicken nuggets/fish, fries, and carrots
Snack: snack basket

Friday (6-13)
Breakfast: cereal and muffins
Lunch: sandwich, chips, and carrot sticks
Dinner: homemade pizza and breadsticks
Snack: homemade chocolate shakes

Saturday (6-14)
Breakfast: “Cook’s Choice”
Lunch: ?????(it’s the weekend anything goes!)
Dinner: grilled burgers, pan fries, and corn
Snack: popcorn


bigbinder said...

Wait, did you say your shopping was already done?? I haven't even planned my menu. Can I just come over to your house instead :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my menu. The recipe for the Crescent Chicken Squares is now up and linked to the menu post!
Amy W

mjpuzzlemom said...

Looks great! I need to start blogging my store sales successes too.