Thursday, June 26, 2008

Homeschooling Little Ones--Pre-K/Kindergarten Curriculum

In my series, Homeschooling with Little Ones, I have covered my game plan with a new baby, keeping toddlers occupied, training of toddlers and my daily routine. I am going to close the series with giving you an overview of what I am going to be doing with my daughter(will be 5 in December) this school year. Last year we worked on getting this preschool list accomplished, along with fun and playful activities.

To start out our year, we are going to focus on a different letter of the alphabet. I haven’t decided if we are going to do a letter per week or every two weeks. I also haven't decided if we are going to go in ABC order because some letters are easier to write/trace than others. I am going to be doing some of the activities that I found at Letter of the Week along with other activites that I have linked below.

Here is a list of the different things we are going to study with the alphabet…

A= Apples, Angels, and Ants Lapbook
B= Birds, Blue, Bees and Butterfly Lapbook
C= Circle Shape Book with C Words, carrots, caterpillars , and cars
D= Dogs, Ducks, and Dolls
E= Earth, Eggs, and Elephants
F= Fruit, Fish, Flowers, Feathers, Flag, fire safety, and Frogs
Visit a Fire Station, Collect Pictures of Flowers
G= Girl, Green, Grapes
H= Heart, and House
I= Ice Cream, and Indians
J= Jewelry, Jello, Jumprope, and Jungle
K= Kites, King, Kangaroo, Kindness, Kitchen
L= Ladybugs, Lions, Library and Lambs
Visit the Library
M= Music, Monkey, Money, and Manners
N= Nursery rhymes, Nurse, and Neighborhood
O= Oceans, Orange, Owls, and Opposites
P= Popcorn, Pizza, Princess, and Penguins
Q= Queen, Quilt, and Quiet
R= Rainbow, and Rocks
S= Senses, Stranger Safety, Strawberries and Stars
T= Trains, Tiger, Tomatoes, and Teeth
U= Umbrella, and Uncle
V= Violets, Vacation, and Vegetables
W= Winter, Whales, and Wagon
X= Xray, Fox, and Box
Y= Yellow, YoYo, Yarn, Yogurt
Z= Zoo, Zebra
Visit the Zoo

Along with the alphabet, we are going to do unit study/theme units at Learning Page which will cover Math(shapes, numbers), Language Arts, Handwriting, and Science. (There is a required free membership in order to see all their pages.)

Any kind of Reading Readiness will be from reading lots of library books together and Starfall. Towards the middle of the year, I will be working more with Phonics, sight words and Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons.

Bible will be activities from Bible ABC's, Awana, and ABC Memory Verses. We will also be working on Character Education thru books and activities. We will also be working with learning the fruit of the spirit.

Aside from the Learning Page for Handwriting, I will be using tracing exercises in jello, finger paints, sand, and whipping cream and also using tracing sheets from handwriting worksheet generator and worksheets to help with word and letter spacing and handwriting for kids.

Here is a list of other early childhood resources.

**Stay tuned for our journey thru the curriculum...our accomplishments, our skips, and our additions to our fun filled year.


The Happy Housewife said...

Great ideas, thanks for taking the time to write about your preschool activities. I love getting new ideas!

Happy To Be At Home said...

I am so thrilled with your list of ideas. While we have been homeschooling for 5 years, we are just getting ready to do some more unstructured school work with our almost 4 and 3 year olds. I'm always on the lookout for more tips as I'm feeling a little overwhelmed with what to do for them.


Lee said...

I'm bookmarking this page. I have a (almost) 3 year old son and a 7 month old daughter. I'm wanting to do some pre-K stuff with my son, but also needing to juggle the baby. I don't play to homeschool long term, but we can't afford preschool so I'm working with him at home. These are some great ideas. Right now, I'm using Sesame Street (shame, shame) to introduce the letters. I tape it and let him watch the first half every day so he sees the same letter introduced to him for a week. Then we do whatever letter they do. Right now we're watching Monday's episode all week about the letter L. I'm putting others on tape for the future so I can organize my curriculum ahead of time around that.