Saturday, June 28, 2008

Weekly Shopping Trip--Markdown Meat & Eggs

Last week, I said that I was going to be stretching my groceries thru this week!! I did it!! We didn't go hungry! The menu was a simple one and I had everything in my pantry or freezer to cover each meal or snack. We ended up getting take out pizza last night so I now have another meal to stretch into this next week.

I had to go to the store, actually the pharmacy to pick up medicines. While I was there I always take the time to scan the meat counter for "Manager Specials" discount meats! I scored some pork and some ground beef from round!

I got 3.22 lbs of Country Style Boneless Pork Ribs for $7.38 instead of $14.76!! They were marked down 50%!

I got 8.83lbs of Ground Beef from Round(86% lean) for $20.33 instead of $26.43! They were marked down 30%!

They also had 1 dozen eggs on sale for 99 cents!!! I haven't seen eggs that cheap in a long while! I got 4 dozen for $3.96!

My total for the week, which will get used in the weeks to come was $31.67! I used a pop bottle deposit refund of $5.20 which means my total OOP was $26.47!!
My savings was $15.48!!

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Gill - That British Woman said...

you did well congratulations.............

jasmine said...

I need to find the right time to get marked down meat too. Last week I scored 2 boxes of turning bananas for .99 cents each. 8.25 lbs and 12 lb boxes.