Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Works for Me Wednesday--Doesn't Work for Me!!

This week over at Rocks in My Dryer it is a themed Works for Me Wednesday. Instead of what works for me, I am to write about something that doesn't work for me. I am sure that there are many things that don't work for me! One thing though sticks out this morning!

What doesn't work for me is afternoon appointments at doctor offices or where ever I have an appointment! I would rather be the first appointment of the day than to have to remember that I have a 2:00pm or 4:00pm in the afternoon appointment. OR have to wake a napping baby up to take to an appointment!

Having the morning appointments helps me to get started on my day and not waste my day sitting in an office waiting. Also with homeschooling, it is easier to get appointments for my kids in the morning rather than waiting til an afternoon time. Granted I get lots of people asking me if my kids should be in school but I have been able to share the joys of homeschooling with them.

So there you have thing that just doesn't work for me. To read about other's just doesn't work for them....head over to Rocks in My Dryer!


Anonymous said...

Have a great Weblink Wednesday! Come on by and see my weblinks today. **Smile*

Laura said...

Yeah, I'm with you there! I don't like going to appointments at all, but certainly not in the afternoon! Mornings are best for me.

Linds said...

Ah yes. I try to get the first appointment of the day as well.

Laane said...

The same here.
I always try to get the appointment as early in the morning as possible.

Feel welcome to read my post about what doesn't work for me and how I try to overcome it.

Enjoy your day!