Thursday, May 8, 2008

Spent only $53.57!!!!

After last week and only spending $27.37 and also trying to spend as little as possible while challenging myself to empty my pantry!! This week proved to be a bit more challenging! First challenge was trying to set an amount that I was going to spend. I said $40.00! I went over by $13.57!!! I think I should have said $60.00!! LOL! Second challenge was not spending money to get all the good deals that popped up this week. One of my "corner/local chain" stores was having a killer 3-day sale!! Things like 3lb bags of quick frozen chicken breasts for $1.66/lb or 1dz. eggs for 99 cents(limit 4 dz.)!!! It has been forever since I have seen deals like this on those items! However, I showed a bit of restraint and didn't go all hog wild in stocking up! I limited myself to just those things that were on sale that I needed to complete next week's menu.

Since I am talking about my "corner/local chain" store(Family Fare)....

2.60lbs Fresh Ground Chuck $5.20 ($2/lb)
2-3lb bags QF Chicken breasts $9.96 ($1.66/lb)
3 doz. Eggs $2.97 (these days reg. price is $1.69/doz.!)
5.37lbs bananas $3.17 (59 cents/lb)
1-Herbal Essence Shampoo $1.97 minus $1/1 coupon = 97 cents!!

Total with tax $22.39
Total Savings $16.71

Onto Meijer....

2 Aunt Millies Honey Buns $3.19--one was free!
2 bags Lays Potato Chips $3.79--one was free!
1lb Strawberries $1.34
3 Mott's Apple Juice $5.00 minus $1/2 coupon = 3/$4 or $1.33/64oz bottle
2 Tropicana OJ $5.00 minus $1/2 coupon = 2/$4 or $2/64oz carton
4 boxes Kleenex $5.00 minus 50cents/3 coupon = 4/$4.50 or $1.13/200 count box
2 tubes Crest Pro Health Toothpaste $4.88 minus 2-$1/1 coupons = $2.88 or $1.44/tube

Total with tax after coupons $24.29
Total Savings $19.94
(side note I got the Crest Toothpaste here rather than going to CVS or Walgreens because I was already there getting other things so it made it cheaper than using the gas to make another stop going the opposite direction to where I needed to go!)

Last stop....Aldi's

4 boxes corn muffin mix $1.16
2 bags baby carrots $1.98
2 lb bag carrots 99 cents
4 cans evaporated milk $2.67
(I have in my pantry instant pudding so now I can make my "lunch box dessert" for my hubby and munchkins!)

Total $6.89
Total Savings...priceless! LOL!


My evaluation of my shopping this week... Despite going over my projected amount that I threw out as a possible weekly grand total, I think I did quite well! Only spending $80.94 for two weeks worth of food, household, paper, and HBC products, I think is fantastic! IF you consider that just two weeks ago, I was spending on average $150/week for food, household, paper, and HBC products!!! I am a work in progress!!! I will find that happy medium to spending money to keep my family fed and keeping a pantry stocked of goodies to use to help keep my spending to a minimum.

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Mrs. Mordecai said...

Sounds like I'm not the only one rethinking my grocery shopping. :)

The Happy Housewife said...

Great job at the store! Deals have been sparse around here too, but I have been trying to stick with the basics. Have a great weekend!

bigbinder said...

You really scooped up the deals!! Even though you went over; still amazing bargains. I read your lunch post and you have inspired me to be more creative in that area, so thank you :)

Donna said...

Great shopping!