Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Grocery Gathering Review

About a month ago, I came across this blog called, BeCentsAble, it is done by a couple of stay at home moms whose goal to share ways to make shopping and saving money just a little simplier for everyone.

Along with participating in some of bloggyland's carnivals, they have a few different carnivals of their own along with giveaways that one can participate in on a weekly basis. One of the carnivals that they do is called the Grocery Gathering.

What is the Grocery Gathering??

Basically it is a list of many(not all) grocery stores around the country. That list is linked to other blogs who write about the weekly deals that you will find at a particular store. So instead of trying to find all the different blogs that write about your favorite stores, you can find the stores of your choice all in one place! Also, they do TWO gatherings, one on Monday for the store ads that come out on Sunday; and one on Thursday for the stores who have Wednesday ads.

What I think about the Grocery Gathering?

I love it! I think it is a brilliant idea! I have been able to find the deals at stores that I need to make my grocery list. It has changed how I handle making up my grocery shopping list and where I go to do most of my shopping. I have even started saving all of my paper insert coupons so that I can find the coupons I need to complete the deals. I have even started posting some of the deals that I find at my local Meijer store on my blog trying to help Beth-Tea and Thee because my local Meijer stores do not double coupons and I have found that sometimes the deals at her Meijer are just a little different than what I have at mine (like this week my Meijer has strawberries 3lbs/$4 and her store has them 2lbs/$3!).

What would I change about the Grocery Gathering?

One thing I would change with the "gathering" is maybe work at getting a couple of blogs involved with each store. That way if the sales/deals are different based on the region or area, a person would not be mislead in what deals are available. Or maybe instead the featured blogs could state that these deals are only good in this particular area.

Another thing I would change is those that do the Monday gathering need to have their posts up for others to see early on Monday because then I am able to check them before making up my shopping list.

What I would NOT change about the Grocery Gathering?

Other than the couple of things to change that I mentioned above, I would not change anything else! The layout is very easy to navigate through on a weekly basis. I just click on the links of the stores that I need and follow the links to the various blogs. I think it is great that other blogs are involved so that "many hands make light work".

Overall, I think the Grocery Gathering is a great resource and I will continue to recommend it to others!! Thanks ladies for all your work!!

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Candace said...

I love the Grocery Gathering too. It's nice to have all that info grouped together!