Friday, May 2, 2008

Weekly Glimpse

Time again for another weekly glimpse! Last week's glimpse, I stated that I was dealing with very bad allergies. I was able to see the doctor, and he prescribed some 180mg Allegra for me! I feel better! I still have the occasional sneezing, blowing the nose, and itchy eyes but not to the extreme that it was before seeing the doctor.

This week has been emotionally draining on me. First attending my Uncle Bill's funeral then having to deal with possibly serving on a jury. However, despite those two things we have made it thru another week of school. Another week closer to finishing our 2007-2008 school year!! My goal is to finish the Friday before Memorial Day. It won't be 180 days but it will be close! In my state, there isn't any standards as to the actual number of days that I have to do "school". I have a feeling though that we will not be done with all of our projects and studies so we will be doing school after Memorial Day as well. We shall see!

Friday(tomorrow) the three older boys are going with hubby to work for "take your child(ren) to work day". Hubby's company was in the middle of a conference when the official/national/local day was taking place last week so they moved it to tomorrow. The boys are excited and it should be interesting to hear their stories of the day.

For what we covered this week in school...
  • 11 yo looked at different medicines and how they help the body for Science. He also studied about "Uncle Sam" for his American Symbol/History. He finished his study of Moses and the Exodus for Bible.
  • 9yo and 7yo went to the land down under this week for our Geography study of the continents. We studied Australia. We also studied marsupials for Science.
  • I think my 9yo is finally getting the hang of basic division. I am wondering if I should push it up a notch and give him some division problems with remainders?!?! I am wondering if he would give me his speech of "its too hard!" "its going to take forever!"

The weather has been nice and my 4yo has decided that going outside isn't that bad when there are friends out to play. During the day when her friends are at school, I have been letting her watch Super Why on PBS. She loves watching that show. I love her watching it because it is a different avenue for her to be learning her letters and even working on some beginning reading skills. The funny thing is that her 18mo brother loves to watch it with her and it is fun watching the two of them sit and watch. My 4yo will interact with the show and my 18mo will watch the show and his sister.

When they are done watching Super Why then they watch Sesame Street. Anyone that knows about these two shows will realize that I "allow" my kids to be in front of the TV for an 1 1/2 hours. However, they actually don't sit and stare at the TV the whole time, sometimes it is just background noise for them as they play with each other. They are also interacting and learning while they watch the shows. It gives me time as well to get my older three boys focused on their work for the day. When the shows are done, the TV goes off til the 6pm News! I have toys and other things that occupy their time while I work with the older boys as well. Those toys are just for the purpose of entertaining while I am "schooling" the older ones. My 4yo is really good at helping me keep her 18mo brother entertained.

So there is a glimpse into this week!! Join me sometime next week as I give you another glimpse!

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Karen said...

I had jury duty about a month ago - similar experience, they never pulled my name out of the box. It was interesting to watch the process, wasn't it?

Hope your kids are having fun with their dad at work today!