Friday, May 2, 2008

Frugal Friday

Its Friday, time again for Frugal Friday! I thought for today I would give an update what I am doing with my stockpile. First off, I want to thank everyone for their comments and their encouragement. I found them very encouraging and helpful! After reading your comments and praying more about the situation, I am challenging myself to do several things...
  • only shop for the "needs" for the next 3 weeks! That means I am not going to do any sale shopping for deals to increase my stockpile.
  • make meals from pantry stockpile
  • make up a full grocery bag for Stamp Out Hunger Campaign
  • communicate better with my hubby as to what I feel we need to do regarding the stockpile.

I am off to good start with my challenge!! I shopped only for the needs that we had for this week! I spent less than $30 in groceries for this week!

I am working at making up menus for the next 3 weeks. Stay tuned I'll be posting those in the weeks to come!

The Stamp Out Hunger Campaign is coming up on May 10th!! I challenge you to be a part of it and stick out a bag of non perishable goods by your mailbox for your postal carrier to pick up for the local food banks!

I have talked to hubby some about the stockpile situation. He has told me that his job is secure so there is no worries about unemployment! He doesn't care that I have gotten the items for free or nearly free. He is more concerned with spending and then seeming "hoarding" when we don't have any more room for any other things. His words were "we have too much stuff!". So we have agreed that I am not doing any shopping other than going after WIC and fresh fruits and veggies for the next few weeks. We are going to bring our stockpile down! When I go to shop again I will need to restock all of our meat and several other things, but that is okay because the stockpiling will become more managable!

I have also agreed with him that I need to put him back into the loop of my shopping errands. When we were first married, we did the shopping and the stockpiling up together. However, over the years, he has just trusted me to do the shopping. Obviously, I need his guidance in this area more than I realized!

So I am working at finding that "happy medium"! It is going to take more than just 3 weeks to find that medium but I think I have started in the right direction.

For other frugal tips, ideas, and resources; head over to Biblical Womanhood!


Laura said...

Sounds like such a great plan! Thanks for being open and sharing your thought process on all of this! So many can relate!

Anonymous said...

God must just be beaming at your obedient and humble spirit. Not only are you blessed, but you are encouraging the saints. Oh, the joy of the Lord is just something else! Tara

Mom2fur said...

Thanks for the reminder about 'Stamp out Hunger.' I saw an ad in a magazine and I meant to tape it up inside my pantry. Last time they did it, my mailman didn't give us the notice until the very day--duh! This time, I'll be ready! (And I'm off to tape up that page now!)

Crystal Paine said...

Your plan sounds wonderful and I'm so glad you found some direction! Thanks for sharing. :)

Lyn said...

Hi Sonshine,
It's Lyn - thank you for leaving your nice comment at my blog today.

I guess we have like minds this week about the USPS food drive. I remember commenting on your pantry post now. You will feel so good giving some of your extras away next week. I'm sure many will be blessed by it.

God bless your heart! Lyn :)

Jolene said...

Your plan sounds great! Thanks for sharing! This month I am going to try to learn how to coupon...I still dont really get it. LOL