Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Weblink Wednesday

Energy Information Administration--Kids Page

Join “Energy Ant” learning about energy! Learn facts on the sources, uses, science and saving of energy. Take a look back in history as to energy’s beginnings and along the way meet famous people like Isaac Newton, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford and many more who contributed to the science of energy. There are classroom activities that include stories, hands-on activities (including Science Fair ideas), and research articles for all students (K-12) and learning styles. There is even a glossary for all the words that deal with energy on the site! When the learning is done, the learned knowledge can be used for fun and games, where there are puzzles, riddles, follow “Energy Ant” on some of his adventures to cool energy sites around the United States and more.

Also join Val at Homeschooling with Encouragement for more Weblinks!


Terri Sue said...

Great site! Will have B come look at it later!
Be blessed!

Betsy said...

Cute link!

Jolene said...

Check out my new blog post and give me some advice! I know u have some! LOL...PLEEAASSSEEEEE.......

Anonymous said...

I like the site - never saw that before. Thanks for participating today and sharing... Sorry it took me so long to visit you today. My son got stung by a bee and he's allergic. Scared me. However, he is fine now and the swelling is down quite a bit. Praise God! That's the bummer about warm weather in CA.


MrsMomma said...

Great site! Thanks for sharing!

Happy WW!

Donna said...

Super neato!
My oldest is reading Faraday's Lectures and there is a section about him on here. And he loves to read about Ford and Edison!

Thanks for the link!