Friday, May 2, 2008

Spent only $27.37!!!!

With usually spending between $100-$150 each week and after making the challenge to myself to work from my stockpile, here is what I purchased this week(sorry no pics, kids helped me put it away!)...

  • 2 -10lb bags of potatoes $4.98
  • 2 Juicy Juice $4.50 (minus 50 cent coupon)
  • 3 pkgs. Azteca flour tortillas $4.59
  • 2 loaves of Aunt Millies Bread $3.19(buy one get one free!)
  • 3 cases of Wild Cherry Pepsi plus a free case of Sierra Mist $11.00 plus $4.80 bottle deposit(the store had the deal of buying 3 cases of any Pepsi product get a case of Sierra Mist free!)

I brought in empty bottles so I had $5.20 bottle refund. So my total after coupon, and bottle refund was $27.37!!!!!(everything I purchased counts as food so there was no sales tax!)

I would have spent less but I had to restock hubby's morning pop/soda supply of Wild Cherry Pepsi!

To check out other's savings this week, head over to BeCentsAble's CentsAble Shopper Show and Tell and MoneySavingMom's Super Saturday Savings!!


Anonymous said...

Wow! I need you to come and shop for me. I just can't bring my grocery bill under $110 a week - for a family of 5. Doing it YOUR way, I just might accomplish that!

Isaiah 54:13

Andrea said...

You did awesome too! I think I reduced my budget because I have the stockpile built up like you do! And, thanks for the tip on Meijer coupons. I had heard of them but hadn't talked about them because I didn't need any of the stuff they were good on. I appreciate you telling me though because I am all about finding any extra way to save money with my coupons!!