Thursday, May 15, 2008

Homeschooling with Little Ones--Part Two

Last week, I gave you my game plan for getting back into the “groove” of homeschooling when a new baby is added to the family.

The question to answer this week, “What can I do with that toddler who is pulling at my leg or begging for things while trying to school the older children?”

The best thing that I have found to help with this issue is to make sure that I take some time with them before I start working with the older ones. I get in some snuggle time, or play time with them while the older ones are working on their chores or independent learning time. It makes my toddlers feel like they are not left out of my “radar”.

While I am working with my older ones, I make sure that my toddlers have something to keep them occupied. I usually keep toys in a bin that I only bring out during those times when I need to occupy them while I work with older ones. I let them play in the same room as where I am working with the older ones. This helps in two ways: 1. keeping an eye on them so I make sure that they are not getting into trouble. And 2. it allows them to feel a part of things despite not doing the same thing as the older ones.

If the toys don’t keep them occupied, then I let them sit at the table with me and scribble on paper or if we are doing a project/experiment that it will not hurt them being a part of it then I let them be involved with us.

Another thing that I have done to keep them occupied while schooling the older ones is move everyone outside (when it is not raining)! The toddlers can play in my fenced in backyard and the older ones get to sit in a different place to work on school work. IF it is raining, then I pull out the “rainy day idea box” or look to have fun indoors. In the box, I have other toys that I can bring out(these are toys that they don’t play with that much so it makes for something new and interesting), craft supplies, and books.

If all else fails, I schedule my school time with the older ones during the toddler’s naptime!! The older ones and I can get lots done for school in two hours!!

Part three of the series---training of the toddlers

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