Friday, May 16, 2008

Spent only $89.92!!

I know what you are thinking!!! Only $89.92!!?? That is a lot to spend in one week for someone who is trying to decrease their pantry stockpile. Well let me explain as to what happen this week for my total to seem high! First off, with not spending much the last two weeks I actually had some "extra" money to spend, hence the ice cream and non caffeine pop. Secondly, there was some items on sale(chicken) this week that I knew I was going to need because I was out of them in my pantry.

So without pictures this week(hubby being home working has made it difficult to get pictures of anything!), I will explain what I purchased this week....

First stop, Meijer...

  • 2 gallons of Milk $5.54 (sale $2.77/gall)
  • 2 family packs boneless/skinless chicken breast $20.22 (sale $1.99/lb)
  • 3 Faygo 12pks $12.60 with deposit
  • 1 -5qt pail fudge swirl ice cream $5.00 (I use this for homemade shakes for family nights)

TOTAL: $42.36
TOTAL savings: $3.40, despite everything being on sale that I purchased!

Second stop, Save A Lot...

  • 4 cans cream of chicken soup $1.96
  • 1 box cornstarch 69 cents (this is the cheapest I have seen this!!)
  • 2 bags egg noodles $1.98
  • 1 bottle Worchestershire sauce 89 cents
  • 2.94lbs ground chuck $2.91 ***this was my BEST deal of my shopping trip!! It was reduced to 99 cents/lb!!! There was several pkgs. that I almost went ahead and took but I couldn't remember how well their meat tasted so I decided to just get one. I used it for grilled burgers the night I purchased the meat and it was good tasting meat! So I will be going back to check their reduced meat again!***
TOTAL: $8.43
TOTAL savings: priceless! LOL! If I would have purchased those items at my regular store I know it would have been almost triple in price!

Third stop....Family Fare(local grocery chain)

They are having a buy one, get one free sale this week!!

  • 2 boxes Banquet chicken nuggets $2.99
  • 2 boxes Banquet chicken tenders $2.99
  • 2lbs Kraft Mild Cheddar cheese $6.79
  • 2 Tombstone Pizzas $6.19 (cheaper than ordering out!)
  • 2 Tropicana Twister Juice $2.99
  • 2 lbs baby carrots $1.50
  • 4-12 pks Wild Cherry Pepsi $14.18 with deposit
  • 2 lbs stick margarine $1.50
TOTAL: $39.13
TOTAL savings: $32.83

TOTAL: $89.92
TOTAL SAVINGS: $36.23 (not including the savings from shopping at Save A Lot because they advertise shopping there is a savings, like Aldis)

To others who probably did better than me! head over to MoneySavingMom's Super Savings Saturday!

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