Thursday, May 15, 2008

Weekly Glimpse

I see that it has been TWO weeks since my since my last weekly glimpse!! Where has the time gone??!!

Here is a glimpse at last week(May4-10)...

  • We have a new fridge and when we purchased it thru Sears we got the extra warranty service plan with it. So Monday, the 4th was our yearly maintenance check on it!! The maintenance man was in and out in 5 minutes after me having to sit at home for 4 hour window of time. IF we would have had to pay for his 5 minutes, it would have cost a little over $100!!! That is ridiculous! I could have done what he did and not even worried about having him come out!
  • My 18mo had his 18mo well child check up on Wednesday, the 7th. He is 33 inches long and only 22 lbs!! Just a little peanut! He is healthy and on schedule developmently!! Yeah!
  • Wednesday was also the day that we spent the morning at my parent's house! I like spending time over there to help my kids build a relationship with the "older generation". It is fun watching them interact with each other.
  • Wednesday was "Library Day" as well. We go to the library at least every 2 weeks sometimes more depending on what we are studying at the time. Nothing like spending a couple of hours in the afternoon at the library and coming home with 40 books to keep up with til the next time! It might seem like a lot of books to keep up with for one person, but I have developed a system where the kids are responsible for the books that they check out. They have their own library cards. We end up with a "check-out receipt" which I hang onto til the next "Library Day". They keep their books in their rooms! No library books go to Grandma's or friends! No library books get left around the house, they are to be put away!
  • Friday, the 9th, was a family night out! We went to a fundraiser for a friend who suffers from ALS(Lou Gehrig's disease). It was nice to get out and enjoy an evening out with friends.

That is all the "extra" events that we did besides the everyday things and school! School that week was filled with learning about bees, Europe, cells, division, and rounding, and pre-algebra. Let me break it down a bit...

  • My 7yo and 9yo did a unit on bees for Science. Europe was our next stop in our continent tour for Geography. My 9yo is still working on learning division. I made things a bit harder for him in that instead of just a divisior from 0-10, there was divisiors up to 20 with the problems that I gave him to do. We are still working thru division with no remainders. My 7yo is learning about rounding numbers.
  • My 11yo worked thru a chapter in his Math book on pre-algebra. He also studied cells, mostly plant cells. He is still working thru the symbols of America as well.

Now onto this week(May 11-17)...

  • Only "extra" event was Mother's Day. I had a nice day. Everyone said "Happy Mother's Day" to me. I was also treated to eating out for dinner. We went to Big Boy's.
  • We also have had to "endure" having hubby home from work for 3 days!!! From Wednesday-Friday, he has been working from home, which brings different challenges around here then when he just goes to the office! It has been amazing that I have been able to still get things done and keep a relatively good schedule during those days! I like it when he is home but it really does throw the schedule off that the kids and I try to maintain during the day when he is at the office.

This week's school has been a little difficult as it is the week before the last week of school! It has been difficult to keep their focus on their studies. However, we have accomplished school this week. Here is what we have done...

  • My 7yo and 9yo are on their next stop of their continent tour which is South America. This week's Science unit is on Birds. I decided to do Birds this week because I figured it would hold their attention as we love to feed the birds and birdwatch in our spare time. My 9yo is working still on mastering long division with no remainders.
  • My 11yo studied the Lincoln Memorial this week. It was fun listening to him recite facts about it. He also did more Pre-algebra for Math. He is studying more about the different plant parts this week.

My younger two have been doing quite well at keeping themselves busy! Aside from watching their PBS programs in the morning they are enjoying playing with toys that have been put away for a while.

Come back next week when I talk about our last week of school and the AWANA Awards Night!

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