Thursday, March 27, 2008

Government Unit Study

After my post from the other day, I decided I would take the time to share more of the websites that I have found for my Government Unit Study.

General History:
Digital History

USA History --links to US History from 1800-1990

General Government:
Government Unit Study

Ben's Guide to Government

Government Unit Lesson Plans

Civics and Citizenship

Kid Info on Government

US Government--Social Studies for Kids

Civics and Government at Scholastic

C-Span Classroom

Government Unit Study Ideas--Reading Suggestions

Mr. Donn's Government Pages

Little Book on Government

Government Unit Lesson Plans

Constitutional Rights Foundation Lesson Plans --free online government lessons

Easy Fun School--Citizenship

Historical Documents:
US Constitution Facts

Chronology of US Historical Documents

Teaching the Constitution

Kid Info on Historical Documents

Constitution Lapbook

Executive Branch--Presidents:
Online Reference of Presidents

Presidents at

American Presidents: Life Portraits

Inaugural Addresses of Presidents

List of Presidents

Smithsonian's Look at Presidency

American Presidency

Kid Info on Presidents

14 Presidents at America's Library

Presidential Elections at

Presidents--Social Studies for Kids

Library of Congress Portraits of Presidents

Presidents and Elections

Presidents Unit Study

American Presidents---PBS

Virtual Tour-White House

White House for Kids

Lincoln Unit Study

Presidents' Day Lapbook

Presidents' Day Activities

Early America--People & Events --learn about the first few Presidents along with other famous Americans.

Legislative and Judicial Branch--Congress & Courts:
Congress for Kids

American Justice System

Kids in the House--Laws are Made

American Symbols:
Liberty Bell Facts

Mount Rushmore--PBS

World Almanac--National Anthem and other Govt. facts

Flag History

American Flag Mini Unit Study

Stars and Stripes

***Looking for additional websites or curriculum geared towards high school....check here!***


Nancy said...

Great links! Thanks for taking the time.
Nancy in AL

Donna said...

Found your link on Tammy's. Great muffin tips BTW!

You've done a wonderful job with these links...I can't imagine where to start---so I thought I would ask:-)

I have 5 boys and 1 girl BTW!

My oldest is 9th grade and I would like to get in a good American History/Government/Founding Fathers study in, but I don't have a gazillion dollars to buy a billion books nor do I have time to research a billion places and hope I find one that's not liberal bent.
Do U know of one something? One book or one site? (a free site would be great and I've already marked one or two on other topics from your blog).

Donna said...

Forgive me, I have one more question.

Free math sites for younger children like K-1-2-3?

I used one years ago that made free worksheets and now they print with their name right through the middle of them so the kids can't use a big portion of the sheets.
Thanks again,
This site is a banquet!