Thursday, March 27, 2008

Quiet Reading Time

I have been working at tweaking my schedule where I am reading during the day when the kids are doing their quiet time reading after lunch! I think if I can spend a 1/2 hour each day doing some reading, I can get thru the many books on my bookshelves that I have purchased and just not read yet! Here is the first installment of many in that I will share what I have been reading!

Finally after several months, I have finished reading Gary Chapman & Ross Campbell's book, The Five Love Languages of Children. It was a good book. Gary and Ross recommended that as parents we need to use each of the love languages equally with our children. So that the children know how to use all of them when they are grown and out of their parents' care. The authors went thru and discussed each of the love languages like what they did in the couple's version but they added thoughts on how to apply the love languages to children. It definitely has helped me to find what love language works best with each of my five munchkins.

I can't believe that each of my children have a different love language!!! Well, I can believe it because God has created us each uniquely in His image. To make certain of my findings, I am going to work with each one individually with the Love Language Assessment Quiz that was at the back of the book. It will be interesting to see if my thoughts/perceptions of each of my older children is correct. Stay tuned! :)

Today, I have pulled another book off my bookshelf to start reading during our afternoon quiet reading time.....

Some days I feel like I am losing my mind!!! Hopefully, Dr. Leman has some good tips to help me face those days where I feel like my mind has traveled off to some unknown place and I didn't know it!

What are you reading??? Leave a comment!


Mandy said...

I want to read that parenting book. Whoever thought of that title knew exactly what parents are looking for, lol!
I also want to read to Train Up a Child, but the only thing I've managed to read at all is the Bible. I think the last time I read an entire book was before my 3rd was born 7 months ago.... my brain's going to turn to mush soon! :)

Jen@BigBinder said...

I saw someone speak about parenting and she mentioned this book. It looks so good!! I have the other one (for couples) but, um, haven't read that yet..