Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Weblink Wednesday

My oldest ds and I have been doing a Government Unit over the last several months. We have studied the Historical Documents that have shaped our nation, and right now we are going through the branches of government. We have studied the Legislative branch with Congress, Executive branch with Presidents, and now the Judicial branch with the Court System. This past week has been about the different trials(by ordeal, by oath, by combat, and by jury). It has been so fun going through and learning all the details!

The links I want to share with you for Weblink Wednesday are a couple that I found in preparing to do this week's lessons on the Justice System.

American Jury has lesson plans, web and print resources, and hands on activities on the American jury system.

Scholastic has a unit study(Civics, History, Language Arts) called Justice by the People, which is lesson plans, print resources, and hands on activities geared for grades 5-8 on the American Justice System.

For other "weblinks", head over to Valerie's blog--Homeschooling with Encouragement!!


Daisy said...

Great links. Thank you.

Kysha said...

This looks great! Thanks for sharing.

Paul and Christy said...

Wow, those will come in handy soon. I was thinking about doing something like this next. Thanks bunches.

SoCalVal said...

You are amazing at finding great links. Thank you so much for sharing them today.


Katherine said...

I really need these links!

Mommy Reg said...

My son loves government, politics, history, political science and well anything American. These links are a great resource.

Tonia said...

These sites look great - I'll be bookmarking for use when dd is older. Thanks for sharing!