Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Works for Me Wednesday

I am going to admit that I am a plastic container-aholic!! Just look at the picture and you will see several different shapes, sizes and colors. But I must also say that the containers are what works for me in keeping my storage/pantry room looking organized. I use plastic containers for just about anything! I have two containers with extra light bulbs, one with candles, one with extra batteries. The bigger containers in the picture have all of my family's out of season or wrong size clothes in them. I also have bigger containers that have blankets, flannel sheets and winter gear(like heavy coats, boots, and gloves). It makes life so much easier when it comes to the change of the season to just go and pull the containers that I need for each child and switch the clothes. I have taken the time to label each container with a Sharpie marker, so I don't have to open each container to see what exactly is inside. I don't write "winter clothes" or "spring clothes" for a label. I label by sizes and gender, so I have labels that say "boys 12 & up" or "girls 4 & up" on the containers.

Also what works for me when I need to change on a label on one of the containers is my trusty bottle of Goo Gone(which has alot of uses in my house)! I take a rag with a little Goo Gone on it and wipe the Sharpie marker writing away! Wipe the little greasy mark away with a dry rag and write my new label right on the container.

These plastic containers have not only kept me organized but also have helped when we have needed to move. I don't have to worry about packing up alot of things because they are already packed and ready to move.

So on this edition of Works for Me Wednesday, I guess you could say that I have two things that work for me....plastic containers for storage and Goo Gone for permanent marker labeling removal. So does these things work for you??

For other ideas and tips on what works for others that just might work for you, head over Rocks in my Dryer!


mom_of2boys said...

I'm a containeraholic too! I never even thought to use Goo Gone. I use it on everything else. I think I'll go home and clean up my containers! Thanks for sharing!

Rhen @yestheyareallmine said...

Hi, I am Rhen and I am a containeraholic. I have been one for several years but I no intention of recovering!! LOL I have approximately 20+ with kids clothing in them. The clothing ranges from newborn to size 10/12. Why so many? I have 6 children. My problem is finding labels that will stick to the containers. What do you use?

Cajunchic said...

You know I was actually thinking of buying some Goo Gone the other day but it was so expensive that I talked myself out of it. I may have to try it anyway now that you mentioned it too.

Laane said...

I'm using boxes that are used for moving.
But these plastic ones look far better.
Thanks for the tip.

You can find my tip at:

Laane on the World

Have a great week and an amazing spring!!!

kcbryans04 said...

I am addicted to plastic containers too, thanks for the tip. I use clear box tape and label it with magic marker, so I can easily take it off and relabel it, but this sounds easier :).