Friday, April 16, 2010

Weekly Shopping Trip--Savings $53.25

This week before I went grocery shopping, I took the time to throughly go through my pantry and check the dates on the boxes, cans, and bottles. I found that I had several items that were dated with best by dates in 2009!!  I took those items off my shelves and dumped them in the trash. I realized that a couple of bottles were big bottles from a 2 pack that I had purchased at Sam's Club so I made a note of it in my price book not to get those items at Sam's again but rather at the grocery store in smaller quantities. I ended up throwing away a full plastic grocery sack of past dated items that I would not have felt comfortable in using with my family.  It made me sad wasting that money but it was a valuable lesson in staying aware of the items that we could get in smaller quantities despite being a large family.

It was suppose to be a big shopping trip this week but there has been some unexpected debts(like 5 new windows because 3 of them were broken) that we needed to pay off so I decided to keep the grocery bill to the minimum and not do much in the way of stocking up right now. So despite Meijer having a decent 10 for $10 get 11th item free sale this week, I just purchased those sale items that we needed rather than going too hog wild getting items for the church food pantry or stockpiling my own pantry just because it was on sale.

I also kept things simple by only shopping at two grocery stores: Meijer, Family Fare.  I also took the time to do my monthly Sam's Club run this week as well. I figure that I have enough meals to get us through the next 14 days and aside from my Sam's run I spent less than $95 to make it.

Here is what I purchased this week at the grocery stores:


  • 30ct pack clothes hangers $4.76(with sales tax)
  • 1 bottle lemon juice $2.49
  • 1 jar grape jam $2.49
  • 2 lbs strawberries $2.00
  • 2-2 liters Pop $2.20(with bottle deposit)
  • 2 cans Grands Biscuits $1.70
  • 2 cartons Lemonade $1.00
  • 3 tubs Country Crock margarine $1.90
  • 5 boxes Brown & Serve sausage links $4.00
  • 6 Lunchables $6.00
  • 2 pkgs pepperoni $2.00
  • 2 bottles Sunny Delight $1.50
  • 1 pkg. Dole salad blend FREE
  • 8 cans Old Orchard frozen juice $6.00
  • 2 boxes Honey Nut Cheerios $2.88
  • 2 boxes General Mills cereal $2.98
  • 1 bag Fast Fixin' chicken strips $3.99
  • 3 boxes Little Debbie snacks $3.00
Total OOP: $53.85
Total Savings: $36.39
Total without sales & coupons: $90.24

Family Fare: 
  • 8.41 lbs ground beef $15.89
  • 5 qt. pail vanilla ice cream $4.99
  • 1 bottle strawberry spread $2.99
  • 3 gallons milk $5.97
  • 4 boxes Kleenex $5.00
  • 2 boxes Life cereal $2.59
Total OOP: $37.73
Total Savings: $16.86
Total without sales & coupons: $54.59

Grand Total OOP: $91.58
Grand Total Savings: $53.25
Grand Total without sales & coupons: $144.83

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Monday, April 12, 2010

Menu Plan Monday 4/11-4/17

Last week I planned menus but did not post them as it was a busy week.  The busy week consisted of Easter and having my parents over for dinner; Wednesday was an adults only dinner get together with our church small group; and Friday was a planned dinner, movie, and overnight date night for hubby and I.  We had a great time on our little getaway on Friday getting reconnected and working on getting some plans in place for the next few months. 

Last week I did an essentials trip of grocery shopping!  I shopped for some deals and also got the essentials that we were missing from the big shopping trip I did two weeks ago.  My challenge from my hubby to empty the freezer is actually going very well in my opinion. I really need to get myself motivated to bake up some goodies as that would decrease the baking supply items (butter, zucchini, blueberries & mashed bananas) that I have in the freezer.

This week’s meals are simple and using what I have on hand in the freezer and pantry.   I am going to be doing some baking this week.  At the end of the week is payday, so I will be doing grocery shopping and my monthly Sam’s run to do some restocking of my pantry and freezer.  

This week’s lunches that are listed below are for the kids and me! Unless we are having leftovers, our lunches are served with apple slices or carrot sticks along with fruit juice or water.  Hubby usually takes a dinner leftover along with various snacks for his work lunch so I don’t take the time to really plan his lunches. I just take the next container of leftovers in the stack in the fridge that I have prepared ahead of time.

A special thanks to Laura-Organizing Junkie for hosting Menu Plan Monday! Need help with your menus; go check the over 300 other delicious meal plans that have been linked at Laura-Organizing Junkie's site or look down in my right sidebar for my menu suggestion lists!

Sunday (4-11)
Breakfast: eggs, hash browns, sausage and jiffy muffins
Lunch: mini pizzas
Dinner:  Steak N Shake
Snack: ice cream

Monday (4-12)
Breakfast: cereal and powdered sugar donuts
Lunch: leftovers

Tuesday (4-13)
Breakfast:  waffles and sausage
Lunch: leftovers
Dinner:  baked chicken, mashed taters& gravy, peas and homemade rolls

Wednesday (4-14)
Breakfast:  bagels and cereal
Lunch: pizza
Dinner: bacon burgers, fries and corn

Thursday (4-15)
Breakfast: Pancakes and sausage
Lunch: leftovers
Dinner:  saucy chicken, rice, green beans and homemade rolls
Snack: snack basket                                                       

Friday (4-16)
Breakfast: cereal and toaster strudel
Lunch: leftovers
Dinner: chicken clubs, fries, and carrot sticks

Saturday (4-17)
Breakfast:  Your Choice
Lunch: sandwiches & chips
Dinner: ????? not sure yet as we might be having company.
Snack: popcorn or snack basket

Meijer Deals 4/11-4/17

There is a 10 for $10 get 11th item FREE Sale going on this week at Meijer!!  I have put together a complete list of the items included in the sale in another post!(scroll to the next post or click on the link to find the list!) 

If you see a deal in the ad that I missed please let me know by commenting to this post and I will update my list and include it along with recognizing my source when I finalize the deals list. 

Just a reminder, that I am using a West Michigan sale ad and my Meijer does NOT double coupons! Also do not forget to check the two pages of Mealbox coupons for more coupons and use my coupon link in my sidebar. 


***Buy any 2 Enfamil Infant Formulas get ONE $5 Meijer Gift Card FREE!

***Buy any 5 Healthy Choice Frozen Dinners or Entrees and Get $2 off your next shopping trip!

***Buy any 3 or more Crystaal Light Drinks(select varieties) and get a Catalina coupon for 1 free Nabiso crackers or 100 calorie pack on your NEXT shopping trip.

***BUY ONE All Liquid Laundry Detergent GET ONE Snuggle Fabric Softener FREE!

***Buy TEN Gatorade 32oz, Get FIVE Propel 24 oz FREE! (Limit 10 Propel bottles free)

***Buy TWO Capri Sun Fruit Drinks AND ONE Nabisco Munch Pack in one transaction Get $3 off via Catalina coupon on your next shopping trip. (limit 1 coupon per transaction)

***Buy any ONE Fresh Step Cat Litter AND any ONE Iams dry cat food(3lbs or larger); Get $5 off via Catalina coupon on your next shopping trip! (limit one per purchase)


Tyson Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts or Tenderloin 40 oz. bag. Frozen $5.99

Doritos 11.5-12 oz. Select varieties ~~ Buy One Get One FREE!

Aunt Millies Homestyle Bread or Deluxe Hot Dog or Hamburger Buns $1.25

Hot Pockets, Lean Pockets, Croissant Pockets, Subs or Calzones 6.5-9 oz 6/$10
50/1 cpn 01-31 RP(cpn is for Sideshots if also included)

Marie Callenders Home Style Creations Select varieties 2/$5
$1.50/1 cpn 02-21 S1(cpn exp 4/15)
$1/2 Mealbox cpn

Crystal Light Drink Mix 1-2.1 oz. canister. Makes 8 quarts or Crystal Light On The Go or Skin Essentials Drink Mix 7-10 ct. sticks. All varieties. 2/$4
$1/1 cpn 03-21 S

Wesson Cooking Oil 24 oz 2/$4
25/1 cpn 03-28 S2
$1/2 Mealbox cpn

Healthy Choice Fresh Mixer Select varieties 2/$5
$1/1 cpn 03-28 S2
$1/2 Mealbox cpn

General Mills Cereal: Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Golden Grahams, Apple Cinnamon or Honey Nut Cheerios 12-12.9 oz., Lucky Charms or Cocoa Puffs 11.5-11.8 oz. or Cheerios 14 oz $1.99
$1/3 cpn 03-28 S2
$1/2 cpn 03-07 S
$1/2 cpn (any) and 55/1(Honey Nut or Lucky Charms)
$1/2 cpn(any) and 55/1(Honey Nut or Lucky Charms)
$1/2(any) and 55/1 cpn(Honey Nut or Lucky Charms)
$1/2(any) and 55/1(Honey Nut or Lucky Charms)
$1/2(any) and 55/1 cpn (Honey Nut or Lucky Charms)

Healthy Choice Frozen Dinners or Entrees 5/$10
$1/2 cpn 03-28 S2
$1/2 cpn
$1/5 Mealbox cpn

Pam Cooking Spray 5-6 oz 2/$4
35/1 cpn 03-28 S2
$1/2 Mealbox cpn

Kelloggs Cereal: Frosted Mini Wheats 16 oz., Raisin Bran 15 oz., Frosted Flakes 14 oz. or Little Bites Mini Wheats Honeynut or Chocolate 14.5 oz. Select varieties $1.99
$1/2 cpn 04-11 RP
$1/1 cpn 03-28 RP
$1/2 cpn 03-07 RP
$1.50/2 cpn
$1/2 cpn (frosted mini wheats)

Enfamil Infant Powder Formulas 23.4-25.7 oz~~ Buy 2 Get $5 Gift Card
$5/2 cpn 04-11 S

DelMonte Fruit Chillers $1.99
$1/1 cpn
$1/1 cpn
$1/1 cpn
$1/2 Mealbox cpn


Suave Products ~~ Buy 3 Get 1 FREE!
$1.25/1 deodorant cpn
$3/2 deodorant cpn

Natures Bounty Vitamins and Supplements ~~ Buy One Get One FREE!
$1/1 cpn 03-14 RP
$1/1 cpn
$2/1 cpn(Your Life Multi)

Glade Room Spray, Scented Oil Candle Tin or Scented Oil Glass Candle Holder 2/$5
B1G1 cpn 03-21 S(cpn is for Glade Aerosol Sprays)

Crest Pro-Health Paste 7.8 oz 2/$7
$1.50/1 cpn 03-21 RP

All Liquid Laundry Detergent 100 oz. Assorted varieties $6.99
$2/1 cpn 02-07 RP

Flexamin Vitamins and Supplements ~~ Buy One Get One FREE!
$4/1 cpn
$4/1 cpn

Head & Shoulders Shampoo or Conditioner 23-23.7 oz $5.79
B1G1 cpn 04-04 PG(cpn is for a FREE Conditioner with purchase)

Clairol Hair Color ~~ $2 off 
$3/1 cpn 04-04 PG (cpn is for Natural Instincts or Loving Care Variety)

Clairol Herbal Essences Shampoo or Conditioner 10.17-17oz 2/$5
$1/1 cpn 04-04 PG

Milk Bone Dog Biscuits 16-26 oz. Small, medium, large, puppy, senior or essentials plus $2.50
$1.50/1 cpn 04-11 RP
$1/1 cpn
$2/1 cpn 

Cover Girl Clean Makeup, Pressed Powder, Invisible Concealer or Instant Cheekbones Blush $3.99
B1G1 cpn 04-11 RP

***Please take the time to check out your local ad, which you can find here.  IF Meijer is not your store of choice, head over to BeCentsAble's Grocery Gathering

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Meijer 10 For $10 Get 11th Item Free Sale (4/11-4/17)

This is a complete list of all the items that the West Michigan Meijer stores has in their 10 for $10 get 11th item Free Sale!!

Coca-Cola 2 liter bottles All varieties

Pepsi 2 liter bottles All varieties

7-Up 2 liter bottles All varieties

Light 'n Fluffy Noodles 12 oz. Select varieties

Dole Premium Salads: Classic Romaine 9 oz., Greener Selection 12 oz. or Just Lettuce 11 oz

Brooks Chili Beans 15.5-15.75 oz. can. Select varieties

Meijer Pretzels 9-15 oz

Jenos Crisp N Tasty Pizza 6.8-7.2 oz

Hunts Snack Pack Pudding 14 oz. All varieties

Meijer Gravy 12 oz.

Meijer Stuffing Mix 6 oz. All varieties

Ice Mountain Spring Water: 3 liter bottle or 6/.5 liter pack

Banquet Brown 'N Serve Breakfast Links 7 oz. pkg. Frozen

Krusteaz Cookie Mix, Bars, Crumb Cake or Cornbread

Krusteaz or Sunmaid Muffin Mix

Strawberries 1 lb. container

Meijer Garlic Mini Loaf 8oz

Pasta Roni 4.6-6.2 oz. box

Extra Large Avocados

Pennsylvania Dutchman Mushrooms 4-4.5 oz. Whole, sliced or portabella

Armour Lunchmakers 2.6-3.3 oz. pkg. All varieties

Little Debbie Classic Snack Cakes 12-16.2 oz. Selected Varieties

Dessert Shells 6 ct. Vanilla or chocolate. Bakery Dept

Michelinas Authentico Entrées
$1/5 cpn

Lean Gourmet Entrées
$1/5 cpn

Budget Gourmet Entrees Assorted Varieties

Healthy Choice Soup 15oz
$1/5 Mealbox cpn

Meijer Naturals Salsa or Thick and Chunky Salsa 16oz

Quaker Rice Cakes 3-3.5 oz

Hunts Ketchup 24oz

Extra Large Avocados each

Old Orchard Frozen Juice 12 oz. Assorted varieties
$1/4 cpn

Meijer 8 Ct. Pastry Treats

Bar S Jumbo Meat Franks, Chicken Franks or Bologna 16 oz. pkg or Sausage Links 8 oz. pkg. Smoked or Polish
$1/2 cpn

Minute Maid Lemonade, Limeade or Punch 64 oz. carton. All varieties

Meijer Split Top White or Wheat Bread 22 oz. loaf

Meijer Peg Bag Candy

Ice Cream Cups: Haagan Dazs, Edys, Ittibitz, Ben & Jerrys or Starbucks
75/1 cpn(starbucks)

Meijer Cheese Puffs, Treats, Cheese Balls, Puffed Popcorn, Onion Rings or Twist & Bits Snacks

Aunt Jemima Great Starts Breakfast Entrées Assorted varieties

Totinos 15 Ct. Pizza Rolls

Tropical Fish Select varieties

Aquafresh Cavity Protection Paste 6.4 oz. or Tartar Control with Whitening 6 oz.

Close-Up Toothpaste 6 oz

Meijer Liquid Dish Soap 25 oz. Assorted varieties

Meijer Slider Bags, Reclosable Bags, Fold-Top Sandwich Bags, or Paper Lunch Bags Assorted Sizes

Meijer Facial Tissue: Flat 160 ct., cube 86 ct. or cube with lotion 66 ct

Softsoap Base Pumps 7.5oz
35/1 cpn

Hunts Tomatoes 14.5 oz. Select varieties
$1/3 cpn
$1/5 Mealbox cpn

Rotel Diced Tomatoes 10 oz. Select varieties
$1/3 cpn
$1/5 Mealbox cpn

Rice A Roni 3.8-7.2 oz. box Select varieties
$1/3 cpn 01-03 R1

Campbells Select Soups 18.6-19 oz. can
50/2 02-07 S

Sunny Delight 64 oz. container. All varieties
25/1 cpn 02-07 S
25/1 cpn

Shedds Country Crock Spread 15 oz. tub or 2/7.5 oz. tub. Assorted varieties
30/1 cpn 03-07 RP
40/1 cpn

Chef Boyardee Pasta with Meat Select varieties
$1/4 cpn 03-14 S
$1.50/4 cpn

Green Giant Boxed Vegetables(except 9oz asparagus cuts)
60/3 cpn 03-28 S2
60/3 cpn 02-21 S1
60/3 cpn 03-07 S
50/2 cpn
50/2 cpn
50/2 cpn
50/2 cpn

Green Giant Poly Bag Vegetables
40/1 cpn 03-28 S2
50/2 cpn 03-07 S
50/2 cpn 02-21 S1
50/1 cpn
50/1 cpn
50/1 cpn

Parkay or Fleischmann's Margarine 1 lb. sticks or soft tub, 8 oz. spray, 12 oz. squeeze or 11.8-13 oz. tub
75/2 cpn 03-28 S2(cpn is for Parkay)

Betty Crocker Cookie Mix 17.5 oz. All varieties
40/1 cpn 03-28 S2
40/1 cpn
40/1 cpn

Pillsbury Grands! Biscuits 12-16.3 oz. tube. All varieties including Golden Layers
40/3 cpn 03-28 S2
40/3 cpn 03-07 S
30/2 cpn
30/2 cpn
$1/3 cpn
30/2 cpn

Betty Crocker Boxed Potatoes 4.5-6.6 oz. Select varieties
25/1 cpn 03-28 S2
40/1 cpn
40/1 cpn
40/1 cpn
40/1 cpn
40/1 cpn

Betty Crocker Helpers 5.5-8.4 oz
75/3 cpn 04-11 S
75/3 cpn 03-07 S
75/3 cpn
75/3 cpn

Ronzoni Pasta 12-14.5 oz.
$1/2 cpn
75/1 cpn
75/1 cpn
75/1 cpn
$1/2 cpn
75/1 cpn
75/1 cpn

***Please take the time to check out your local ad, which you can find here.  IF Meijer is not your store of choice, head over to BeCentsAble's Grocery Gathering

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Homeschooling FREEBIES:Bible Curriculum & Reading Incentives

Another week of finding more homeschooling freebies!! I came across these while reading other blogs!  Last week was geared towards middle and high schoolers, so this week I have found some items for the younger kids from kindergarten through 6th grade.

Does your child like hands on programs that include songs, crafts, and games??  This Bible curriculum by Praise Factory just might do the trick! (Thanks to Kristen at We are THAT Family) Praise Factory is an affordable, flexible, quality Christian curriculum for pre-school(2s-3s) and elementary age(K-6) children.  The curriculum is available for download through the Praise Factory website free of charge for those using it for non-commercial, educational purposes.

There is three different curriculum choices:

  1. Teach, Take, Tell  is a one year, 12-unit children’s systematic theology for use with two and three year olds. It focuses on twelve key biblical truths. The same Bible story and truth are presented each week of the four/five week units, allowing the children to master the concept and story.

  2. Big Questions & Answers for little people is a three year children’s systematic theology for three to pre-kindergartener five-year-olds. It presents 52 key biblical truths that expand the children’s understanding of the same12 Big Questions and Answers used in Teach, Take and Tell. There are 3 weeks of curriculum for each of the 52 biblical truths. A Bible story, reflective of the truth is presented along with the concept each of three weeks.

  3. The Praise Factory is a six year, multi-age children’s systematic theology curriculum for elementary school children. It is comprised of 104 key biblical truths -- called "Big Ideas"-- divided into 16 units, common to a systematic theology. These biblical truths expand the children’s understanding of the same 12 big questions and answers used in the two preschool curriculums and add four additional big questions and answers. Within each 3-week Big Idea, there is an Old Testament, New Testament and Church History/Missions story presented. Each week’s curriculum includes 8 different activities to reinforce the Big Idea concept and story.

Here are a couple of reading incentive programs that are homeschool friendly!

First, Pizza Hut's Book-It program. The program runs from October to March. Each month if the child meets their reading goal set by the teacher, they get a certificate to use for one personal pan pizza.  The enrollment for next school year's(2010-2011) program is taking place right now through June! Enroll now!   I did this program with my children this year, we just set a goal of reading 1/2 hour each day and then once a month we go to Pizza Hut with each kid having their coupons and then hubby and I order a large pizza and we all drink water and we end up only having to pay around $15 for all seven of us to eat pizza!

Second, Six Flag's Read to Succeed Program. Each child reads who completes 6 hours of recreational reading is rewarded with a ticket for free admission at any participating Six Flags theme park. The Reading Club coordinator/teacher gets a free admission ticket as well. This Reading Club program also has lesson plans/program guide and access to their "Wild about Reading" website that has book lists, videos, tips to encourage reading and activities. The admission tickets are sent out in late April to redeem in June through August.  Registration is limited to those schools that are within 150 miles of a participating Six Flags theme park and is a first come, first serve basis. Sign up now for next school year!! Thanks to Connie, at Smockity Flocks.