Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Homeschooling: Poetry Resources

One of the tools that I found for helping me put together my children’s curriculum each year is the Educator’s Calendar! I love looking at the different months to see what happened on a day in history or what might be month long events or holidays that I might be able to work into my children’s curriculum. Instead of always doing whatever is in the textbooks, it makes for a fun time of research. According to the calendar, I found that April is National Poetry Month!
For the month of April we are working at reading and writing different poetry every day.  Instead of keeping all the resources to myself, I decided to share the wealth of resources with everyone!  Even though the month of April is just about over, you can use these resources at anytime during the year when studying poets and their work.
Here is a list of resources that you can use with any age level to enhance your poetry studies:
Scholastic’s Poetry Resource Page — bring poets and poetry to you to inspire your children through webcasts, printables and much more!
Scholastic’s Writing with Writers/Poets — Study poetry by taking part in step-by-step workshops with favorite authors.
Poetry 4 Kids — fun poems along with links, newsletters, rhyming dictionary and more.
30 Poets 30 Days — read fresh off the page never before published poems by your favorite poets all during the month of April.
Giggle Poetry — write poems, ask a poet, act out a poem and read and rate hundreds of poems
ReadWriteThink Poetry Resource Page — links, lesson plans and an activity
Eduplace’s Poetry Lessons — Ideas of age appropriate poetry activities to do with your child
Teach-nology Poetry Lesson Plans — tons of lessons to teach different styles of poetry
Web English Teacher–Poetry — click on the name of a poet listed and find some background facts about them along with a poem that they have written.There is also a poetry collections page with links to poetry available online.
Enjoy reading, writing, and studying poetry with your children!

**this post was originally published as one of my contributing articles at Happy to be at Home!