Friday, April 23, 2010

Homeschooling FREEBIES: Children's Books, History Curriculum & More!

Despite having had a busy week, I was able to do some searching and found more homeschooling freebies!  I found so many I am not sure where to start but I know that they will add some "flavor" to my homeschooling curriculum over the next few months and as a plan things for next year.

I love the library because of being able to check out books for free but sometimes getting there on a regular basis can be difficult. I have found that my kids either get bored with the books too fast or run out of books to read, however, I found a site(thanks to Freebies 4 Mom) with some free children's books that I can use as alternatives. There are free downloads of children's books at Children's Books Forever!  They even have the children's books in different languages so if you are studying a foreign language you can try to read a children's book!

One of my favorite subjects to study is History!  I love learning the facts and all that happened in the past. I am not too bad of a "history fact junky" but I do love history. One of my history fascinations has been with the Great Depression.  I found some free lesson plans that focus totally on the Great Depression. The lesson plans focus on giving economic lessons that help understand the significance of the Great Depression era. Also to go along with the lesson plans you can do some cooking of Depression era foods with "Cooking with Clara". I remember my Grandma making many of these same foods.

The other History resource I found this week was a free lesson plan resource and supplement for K-12 teachers from the American Heritage Education Foundation.  You can download the lesson plan resource called "America's Heritage:  An Adventure in Liberty."  If you do not want to do the downloading you can order a free CD or pay for a binder of the lesson plans.  There are three different levels: elementary, middle school and high school.  Each level gets a little more in-depth just like any other History book/curriculum. I can see using this resource as a guide for a full year of history along with getting library books and other history sites to fill in the necessary items for a complete history curriculum.  They state on their site that..."All lessons emphasize one or more themes of freedom, unity, progress, and responsibility.  The resource aims not simply to present historical facts but to provide opportunities for students to explore and understand the factual and philosophical significance and meaning behind events, causes, and effects—the whys—relating to and influencing the early history of the United States."  

Now going from History to Geology...

Did you know that Answers in Creation has a FREE Geology curriculum designed specifically for high school level homeschoolers?  Well they do and it is all online free to use.   Each of the 12 chapters takes five days to complete and along with the text there are pictures, videos, animations, and many other websites for additional learning, research assignments, quizzes, and tests all for learning about geology online. This course presents geology from the old earth perspective, respecting both science and the Bible. It is designed as a 12 week course, which means it can be used as a one semester high school science requirement. You can take a look around the course, and if you like what you see the author of the course would like you to register for the course. To register, send an email to the email address on the curriculum homepage. All that is required is the name and email address of the teacher, and the name of each of your students. You will receive an email with the instructions.

I would love to pass on other homeschooling freebies!  If you find any homeschooling freebies, do not hesitate to let me know and I will feature them along with giving thanks to you for finding it.

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