Wednesday, March 3, 2010

OAMC: The Wrap Up to a LONG day!

Monday after accomplishing several items in the morning:

  • making a loaf of french bread for dinner

  • getting the first batch of honey oatmeal bread in the bread machine and rising

  • getting a batch of spaghetti sauce in the roaster for dinner

  • I finished my afternoon break and got to work at getting another round of bread in the bread machine.  I also worked at getting the rest of my dinner ready by making some chicken parmesan and started cooking the noodles so they were just an easy reheat for dinner. While the noodles were cooking, I received a phone call from my father.  He called to tell me that he had just "whited out"/fainted and my mom had called 911.  I hung up the phone and called my sister who was just pulling into our parents' driveway along with the first responders.   My sister stayed there while the first responders were checking dad's blood pressure and just monitoring him for a bit. He stabilized to the point of refusing to go via ambulance so my sister drove him and my mom to the emergency room.   Meanwhile, I worked at getting things finished up enough in my kitchen where I could make a run to the emergency room so I was there if I needed to sign papers or anything with being my dad's power of attorney and not knowing the extent of his condition.

    As I was finishing up the noodles, my sister called me again to let me know that she could not stay with our parents any longer at the hospital because she had prior commitment that she could not break.  She asked if I was on my way there and I told her I would be heading that way in about 20 minutes.

    So I gathered my kids and sent them down to the neighbors that I had called earlier to let know what was going on.  Once I knew they were with the neighbors, I left for the hospital---forgetting that I had dough in the bread machine that needed to be out to rise, and forgetting that I had bread rising that was ready for baking

    I came back home 3 hours later to dough lifting the lid of my bread machine, and the dough that I had left rising deflated!  I went ahead and  baked the loaves of bread that deflated.  They taste fine just do not look very pretty.

    The dough that was lifting the bread machine lid, I made into homemade buns and since they had already done LOTS of rising after I made the dough balls I only let it set for about 5 minutes before sticking them in the oven to bake. They came out wonderful and they will be a nice compliment for using with chicken club sandwiches later in the week.

    So when life happens it takes one 12 hours to get their baking day finished!  One of the things I learned on Monday was that no matter how much I planned ahead for a smooth & successful day, the Lord had other plans for me that He wanted me to do and still be able to declare the day smooth and successful.

    I am planning on working more on my March Baking Plan next week!

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