Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Monthly Sam's Run--July

I was overdue for a run to Sam's Club this month! I was out or running short on many things that I purchased today! A lot of the things were taxable non-food items so my total was a bit higher than I initially thought it would be for this month. However, I have enough toothpaste and paper napkins to finish out the summer! So I will not have to worry about putting those items on my list any time soon!

I am starting to think that I want to get more in the mode of using Sam's for the bulk of my shopping and using the grocery stores as more of a supplement. But I haven't figured out if it would save me any money in the long run. I know that there are a few things that I can get at the grocery store cheaper but with my relatively limited storage space getting many small bottles or containers of things isn't feasible. I like having the one or two big containers to work from rather than those little ones. Those big containers actually are easier for the kids to find too when I send them on a "fetch mission". Has anyone tried this before of using Sam's as their main shopping place? If so, I would love to hear your thoughts on the advantages and disadvantages of doing it!

Here is the breakdown of what $312.47(including sales tax) bought for me today at Sam's:
  • 1280 ct Dixie paper napkins $9.88
  • 36 ct double roll Northern TP $17.48
  • 5 tubes Colgate Total Whitening Gel $10.88
  • 150 load bottle Downy fabric softener $9.77
  • 150 loads Wisk 2x HE detergent $15.88
  • 60 ct. Eggo Waffles $7.79
  • 12 cans Swanson chicken broth $7.25
  • 25 lbs long grain white rice $8.64
  • 3-45oz jugs Ragu Sauce $7.97
  • 120 oz Mrs. Butterworth's syrup $5.84
  • 3 liters Member's Mark Olive Oil $14.46
  • 5 lbs Honey $9.58
  • 4lbs Goldfish crackers $8.65
  • 1 gallon 2% milk $2.06
  • 56 oz bag M&Ms $8.79(for hubby to take to work for his M&M guy)
  • 72 ct. Kraft American cheese slices $6.37
  • 20lbs potatoes $5.76
  • 4.59lbs beef round roast $11.29
  • 4.75 lbs pork loin chops $12.73
  • 5 lbs mild cheddar cheese $8.84
  • 5 lbs Country Crock margarine $4.16
  • 48 ct Gogurt $7.64
  • 66ct Welch's fruit snacks $8.88
  • 48 ct. Quaker chewy granola bars $7.88
  • 20 oz. chili powder $4.28
  • 3lbs Hormel Real bacon bits $7.06
  • 27 oz. Oscar Mayer smoked deli turkey breast $6.78
  • 48 ct. string cheese $6.63
  • 12 ct Red Baron mini pizzas $10.76
  • 140 ct. Totinos pizza rolls $8.88
  • 12.06 lbs boneless/skinless chicken breasts $23.76
  • 5 lbs frozen corn $4.88
  • 6lbs Ore Ida hashbrowns $5.38
  • 4 bags chips $11.76
Total with 6% sales tax on the non-food items only: $312.47

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